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  1. Wayne Adams

    RIP @heltershelton

    Well, crap. First time I've logged on in a while, and this is what I find... Condolences to family and friends.
  2. Wayne Adams

    The Price of Vacuum Tubes Will Probably Rise

    Well, I don't hang out at gun-themed forums, but I don't have to hang out here, either. The mods/owners can tell me whose comments I reply to on what topic. Nobody else.
  3. Wayne Adams

    The Price of Vacuum Tubes Will Probably Rise

    No, I don't like guns better than guitars, but guns and guitars were what kept me occupied and sane during my growing-up years. As for the "whose is bigger," well, I admit I like the big stuff, and I've always been a pistol man. But the reality is, caliber doesn't really matter as much as...
  4. Wayne Adams

    Does anyone else save concert tickets?

    I probably would if I could hang onto them long enough to put them somewhere safe.
  5. Wayne Adams

    The Price of Vacuum Tubes Will Probably Rise

    Yup. I figure if any threat can soak up eleven .45s and keep coming, I might just as well throw that big chunk of stainless steel at it and call it a day, 'cause it ain't going down... :eek:
  6. Wayne Adams

    Who am I?

    Mine never jams. It eats anything I feed it like they're M&Ms. :cool:
  7. Wayne Adams

    Who am I?

    I really dislike Glocks... 😝
  8. Wayne Adams

    Anyone had gear crap out onstage?

    Yep. Blew the power output section in an Earth PA head once. Ended up later disconnecting it and using the preamp section as a sub-mixer for the drum kit. Our other guitarist/vocalist completely fried his (old) Fender Twin Reverb at an outdoor gig. July 4, cloudless, roasting sun and about a...
  9. Wayne Adams

    Could I see your partscasters?

    You'd think I'd have been smart enough to take photos to actually spotlight my builds, but nooooo, that would make too much sense. Mostly all I have are incidental shots. "CW Adams Telstar": Warmoth birdseye maple boatneck with compound radius ebony fretboard, Graphtech Black Tusq topnut...
  10. Wayne Adams

    If you need a distortion pedal for your Marshall...

    Me, neither - I have a Traynor. :cool:
  11. Wayne Adams

    You have $3,000 to spend on gear…and just today to spend it…

    Yeah, I have a BC Rich Bich and a Dean Gran Sport, and used to have a Danelectro reissue. I think the BC Rich weighs close to 14 pounds. The Dano was much lighter, but the body just wasn't strong enough. Any movement acted like a whammy bar.
  12. Wayne Adams

    You have $3,000 to spend on gear…and just today to spend it…

    I'd use $1700 or so to build the custom doubleneck I have in mind, then put the rest on one of these: i'd have to pony up another 1K or so, but....
  13. Wayne Adams

    Your weird claim to fame.

    Considering how many of my joints are no longer on speaking terms with their neighbors, I think I've probably proved your mother's point several times over... 😭
  14. Wayne Adams

    My 12-String Strat

    Yes. I had a late 70s-early 80s import that I can not for the life of me remember the brand: essentially a 12-string ES-335 copy from who knows where. Actually played well and sounded great, but I got stupid and traded it off. Since then I've had three doublenecks, a reissue Danelectro, a...
  15. Wayne Adams

    Your weird claim to fame.

    Just keeping with the theme of the OP.
  16. Wayne Adams

    Your weird claim to fame.

    Well, let's see, if any of this counts as "fame" (doesn't to me): I once met Hank Aaron - for about ten seconds - on a summer college class trip to a Cincinnati double-header game. Apparently, he was staying in the same hotel we were, and as the elevator opened to let four of us out on our...
  17. Wayne Adams

    Putting weight on a strat

    Not just late 70s, either - my college roommate had a late 60s ash Strat that weighed a frickin' ton.
  18. Wayne Adams

    Big $$$ on vet bills

    Awww, now - you haven't met my '78 Musicmaster.
  19. Wayne Adams

    Is there any song worse than...

    Ever hear "Life Sucks and Then You Die" by the Fools? We played that song for a couple of years in the clubs, and I still pull it out once in a while for laughs.
  20. Wayne Adams

    Most iconic reverb pedal?

    I like the one in my amp. But the one in the Boss GT-100 is pretty good, so I'd check out Boss's offerings. Try everything the music store has on hand.
  21. Wayne Adams

    Do you use a volume pedal?

    I'm just gonna say "Yes," because I'm embarrassed to say exactly how. Suffice it to say, it's the result of years of experimenting, expanding (who said "GAS-driven, effects-board-on-steroids, project creep"? I heard that.) and never leaving well enough alone.
  22. Wayne Adams

    Is there any song worse than...

    Yes, there is a worse song, and I refuse to post it. One must have some standards, after all... 😇
  23. Wayne Adams

    your local record store that you actually shop at, post 'em!

    I haven't been inside an actual record store in forever. But these are the two where I used to shop. Actually, Pop's is where I bought the Danelectro doubleneck I used to have.
  24. Wayne Adams

    Big $$$ on vet bills

    I feel your pain. I know people who spend less money taking care of their children than my wife and I do for our cat... But he's such a good little guy: