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  1. elementlax

    neon covers

    dimarzio. try, i think they have some
  2. elementlax

    The visual guide to the stratocaster years

    why is this still not a sticky??
  3. elementlax

    Ebay Winner!!!!

    nice man, i LOVE the bad monkey, up there in the ranks for favorite pedal
  4. elementlax

    1954 preproduction Strat "Miss Daisy"

    its outright amazing.
  5. elementlax

    What PICK'S you using?

    unhapilly using the orange (.60) tortex. love that guage, hate the tortex
  6. elementlax

    Your pre cbs at home

    post a pic of that black one in here, its the best color guitar in the world!
  7. elementlax

    Whats the solution to flaking finish on Maple fretboards?

    makes it looked like an old reliable weapon. keep it
  8. elementlax


    ooo, i didnt even notice the flame neck. that just put the cherry on top
  9. elementlax


    looks amazing
  10. elementlax

    Unvarnished neck

    if you like the feel of un-finished necks you can rub tru-oil on it and itll be fine
  11. elementlax

    Found the Strat I've been looking for

    absolutely beautiful
  12. elementlax

    Finished building a new one. An original design.

    that looks amazing!!! you should start a business doing this
  13. elementlax

    New to this whole electric guitar thing . . .

    first, try to learn how to strum NOT fingerpickng, may help a tad:)
  14. elementlax

    How many of you use the tremolo?

    nope, i blocked it. i bend the neck when i feel the need for a slight vibrato, thats all i used the trem for anyway
  15. elementlax

    'CRASH' Graffiti

    costs the same new WITH an amp and poster
  16. elementlax

    Should I keep it?

    sell it all, and buy a nocaster
  17. elementlax

    Help!! Should I buy this strat?

    i hope you do get it, MIJs are amazing
  18. elementlax

    What would you do ?

    i think you made the right choice, i wouldve gone with white/maple and inca/rosewood as well
  19. elementlax

    NGD - Aged Cherry Sunburst - and then some !

    if theres only 35 of them hop on that RIGHT NOW
  20. elementlax

    Clapton at MEN arena this evening, first concert I've ever been to.

    thats really cool. om just waitin for plant to just f***ing agree to tour with zeppelin, so i can go see them
  21. elementlax

    Brave new world?

    therevyevot, i looked into the island, and that looks great as well. ive got OGT's then exams in the next two weeks, so i might just get through BNW then start the island
  22. elementlax

    Guitar Forums

    this is the only forum i realy visit daily
  23. elementlax

    CV-60 Body depth

    im not sure but i know its suppossed to be the same as the MIM ones, so check fenders website for that