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    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    There's a late 70s model for sale near me, the weight is the reason I won't buy it
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    Why is Pink Floyd more popular and appealing than Rush?

    Completely agree, Rush are the better band because they didn't release DSOTM
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    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    The frets on my two Chinese artists are perfect, no problems at all. The neck pickup on the semi-hollow is very slightly tilted backwards but I should probably fix that. Overall the quality is very good
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    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    I'm not here to bash Fender, have probably owned 12 -15 MIA strats since the mid 1980s, but I will say that there are some great value strats being made today - just not by Fender. Fender is prestige, not value. Resale value is ok, but there are always so many strats for sale you can't always...
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    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    I really like them but never found a Gibson double cut with a neck that I liked, I had a pair of Hamer specials which are basically the same, but parted ways because of the neck. The old Ibanez Artist were very heavy but beautiful guitars. I have a pair of Chinese Ibanez Artists, one solid...
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    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    I have a Vintera 60s Strat and a Vintera Tele, both are better than any MIA that I've owned, but that is a personal experience. Cheaper MIM I probably would agree with you
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    Is 20 LBS Heavy For A Strat?

    That's still lighter than a 70s Les Paul....
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    George pulling no punches!

    I didn't watch the clip, but think it's a bit rich coming from the guy who was sued for stealing someone's music.... It's a shame really that it has to come down to this between them.
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    Vintera vs MIJ/CIJ

    I had a MIJ 62 reissue when they first came out 30+ years ago, and I have a Vintera 60s Strat and 52 Tele. All of them are equal, the Vintera range is great IMO
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    I hope he gets them back, like PonyB said, at least some of them are very easily identifiable.
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    Amp tilt and/or stands.

    Fwiw the last few times I gigged with a combo I put it on a tilted stand and got good results,but yeah a head and cab is something else....
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    New guitar

    Happy new guitar day! Enjoy it, the days of paying high prices for great instruments are long gone.
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    I watched The Cult concert in Chicago!

    Glad you enjoyed the show, never seen them myself, but enjoy the "electric" album from time to time....Duffy is good in what he does, that's all you need.
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    A Duesenberg🤨 Anyone seen or played one?

    I had one, great guitar but I didn't get on with the Bigsby. Very well made and sounded great.
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    NGD Schecter semihollow E/A - Mod & keep or just resell?

    If it wasn't for the thin necks on the ones I've tried I would have bought one. Nice guitars
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    Check out my Swamp body.

    If you had put 'guitar body' in the title, it would have saved me a click...
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    The big three??!!

    In terms of sales I can't think of any others.
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    And on the 7th day ...

    His cover of 'Dream On' is great, Mr Malmsteen's guitar playing is just about ok, but RJD shines.
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    Use your volume control? ....and do you need delay? Back in the 80s I played in an (almost) punk band with just a distortion pedal to kick in during the solos. Depending on your guitar, controlling with the volume knob thickens up the sound and gives a boost.....job (almost) done :)
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    JC era Les Paul standard review

    I'm with you, I have a 2019 goldtop 50s LP and I cannot fault it. Easily the best Gibson I've owned and I bought my first one in the late eighties.
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    Life is a compromise

    Body size makes more of a difference to me, I'm around 5 foot 6.
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    Reflections: Inadvertent Self-Portraits of Guitarists

    Please send me money for using my image in your post.....or delete it immediately :)
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    Playing electric guitar in an acoustic band...

    If the mixing desk has a hi-z input channel then use that, otherwise you will need a di box or pre-amp of some kind. There are different ways of doing this before you grab your amp.
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    Is it the same ES-335? Just curious…

    Looks the same to me, the same markings on the wood.....
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    Made in Mexico fret edges

    I recently bought a Vintera Tele and Vintera Strat, obviously both MIM. The neck/frets on the Strat are pretty good, no complaints there, but the Tele (which cost 200 euro more) is not so good. The Tele is road worn, so I would have expected better fretwork TBH. Both are great guitars and...