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  1. 98bigapple

    Which of these 3 would you get?

    I like the grain on 1but hey they are all nice!
  2. 98bigapple

    Lexus limited edition strat

    If you have the money and it makes you happy. For me not nearly worth my 6k.
  3. 98bigapple

    Another bad relationship thread

    Hey life will knock you down like that. It sucks, and it hurts. What you do now is what's important. Be strong. Move on. It's very easy to say and much harder to do. I was married for many years when it fell apart. My ex said so many hurtful things. They might have not been the same...
  4. 98bigapple

    Last minute Kiss tickets. Yeah or nope?

    Got last minute tickets just prior to Covid for 35 bucks each. It was a blast. No, it's not deep, meaningful or thought provoking but lots of fun. Kind of like seeing a sci movie with a cheesy plot that makes you smile anyway.
  5. 98bigapple

    Where Does "High End" Start?

    High end is anything that's just a bit more than I can afford.
  6. 98bigapple

    Update on my health and cancer journey

    Good luck with your treatment. Come back when you're ready. Thanks for your insights over the years.
  7. 98bigapple

    Steely favorites.

    So many great tunes, but if I had to pick one it would be Do it Again. So smooth and yet filled with menace at the same time.
  8. 98bigapple

    How much do you value a guitar's appearance? And do you like having great photos of your gear?

    I take some photos. Don't really mess with different lighting etc. But I like to have accurate pics for insurance and to catalog what I have had over the years. And looks are important for a guitar. Never bought one I thought was ugly.
  9. 98bigapple

    Custom Shack Strat?

    Very likely a partscaster. The custom shack guitars are sold through an ebay seller who seems to put low price guitars together and resell them.
  10. 98bigapple

    I did not cry!!

    Wow. Good for you. Mine has a bit less than a year before he goes off to college. I am already bracing myself.
  11. 98bigapple

    CT scan! Now with contrast!

    Good luck man, been there, or my version of there, and got my next scan next month. Hoping for all the best.
  12. 98bigapple

    How bad has USPS gotten?

    I have had some bad shipping experiences in the past but two weeks ago I ordered a pedal from a small Canadian builder. It took about 10 days to arrive (I am in NC) so it seems a bit random. This one went through JFK in NY but no major delays or issues. I guess I should consider my self lucky!
  13. 98bigapple

    Agile steps into the ring with an S Type June 2022

    I also own an Agile LP style guitar that I picked up a few years ago and the quality is quite good.
  14. 98bigapple

    Which Big Muff style pedals are you using?

    Civil War Pharaoh by Black Arts Timeworks
  15. 98bigapple

    Hello from NC

    Welcome! I'm in Winston!
  16. 98bigapple

    Persona Metallum

    Top three: Lemmy Iommi Halford Those influenced most of the others on the list. Just sayin'
  17. 98bigapple

    Jane's Addiction

    Great band that can sound massive. Ocean Size is a favorite of mine.
  18. 98bigapple

    Happy Birthday Geddy Lee

    Great bass player and a great human being from all I have heard. Happy birthday.
  19. 98bigapple

    No Slipknot fans?

    Like their sound, though I have not followed the band closely. Very sad to lose a talented musician, especially one so young.
  20. 98bigapple

    What makes a Les Paul bark?

    I think it's all of it.
  21. 98bigapple

    Guitar faces: Am I the Odd Man Out?

    Love watching Billy Zoom play. He just looks out at the audience and smiles. A tremendous and underrated player.
  22. 98bigapple

    Today was a great day.

    Great news!
  23. 98bigapple

    NGD: Back in the fold with an Am Pro II

    A beauty! Good luck with it.
  24. 98bigapple

    Got really frustrated with my playing the other day

    Very nice. Sweet tone and phrasing. I find sometimes I pick up my guitar, solo over some backing track and everything is magic. And some days I can put on the same exact track and everything is awful. It's like it's in the air.