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    Moderna AIDS vaccine trials start Thursday !!!

    Who said musicians don't get AIDS? Look at the numbers: OP suggested that this news brought 'amazing hope for us musicians', really? Do you really think an AIDS vaccine is going to bring 'amazing hope' to...
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    Moderna AIDS vaccine trials start Thursday !!!

    Yeah because we all know just how much AIDS affects the music community, in particular. This is not 'hope' for 'us' musicians – if anything it's 'hope' for the milliions of poor Africans that are living with / diagnosed with / and die each year from this terrible disease. Us musicians – indeed.
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    Moderna AIDS vaccine trials start Thursday !!!

    I thought vaccination threads were no longer alliowed?
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    Country Music

    I just learned Tom T. Hall sadly died yesterday – a fantastic songwriter, and Country legend. Rest in Peace.
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    Eric Claption's Favorite Guitar Solo of All Time

    Thinly veiled 'vaccination' thread.
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    Accidental collector

    Welcome :)
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    Which pickguard

    You can always change it back if you change you're mind... – I just think it looks REALLY natural now, and warm – very, very nice!!
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    Which pickguard

    Tortoise for me too! This particular guitar pulls the Tort off very well :thumb: !
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    First strat. An attic rescue for €170. Was in a bad way so went relic.

    Cool – looks good! It's funny... I sprayed a Strat myself a few years ago, also with an old Escort colour!! 'Signal Yellow' I think it was called – just regular lacquer though, if I remember correctly...
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    First strat. An attic rescue for €170. Was in a bad way so went relic.

    Fáilte :) ! Looking good – €170 is a bargain!! Was it Nitro you used? Sonic Blue?
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    dadocaster told me to...

    Welcome :) !
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    Fiesta Red 60's strat project

    Yes Sir! What a beauty :thumb: !!
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    Fiesta Red 60's strat project

    I used to be a simple man, I saw Fiesta Red – and I clicked. Now... I am a frustrated man, I see no Fiesta Red, no hope... – my trust has been betrayed, my spirit – broken.
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    Any online site for Listening to guitar-playing livestreaming?

    On a more serious note – I'm afraid I don't know of such a site... I would suggest perhaps trawling YouTube? Or the Ultimate Guitar app is pretty cool, in that there is quite a large community of players, learning tabs and uploading videos...
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    Any online site for Listening to guitar-playing livestreaming?

    There's no such thing as a dumb question, only a dumb answer – like the one I'm about to give: 4000kg – that's 8818lbs in Imperial System measurement!!! EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS!!!! Welcome :) !
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    Nanci Griffith RIP

    How very sad... I was *literally* going to post this song in the 'Favourite Country Duet' thread this very morning – but felt it wasn't quite Country enough. I still don't know if it's quite Country enough – but it is a fantastic song, whatever it falls under. Two amazing artists gone too soon...
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    Country Music

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    Water slide?

    You could shoot this guy a message and see if he has what you're looking for?
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    Post your favorite Country Duet.

    I don't know if this is quite my favourite (it's not!...) – but... I'm sure NOBODY here, except maybe @dublindave8456 – has heard it before, so... it might be something new for you! This was one of Ireland's biggest Country stars – Big Tom. I can't say I know TOO much of his music, but he was a...
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    NGD: MIM Standard CAR

    Beautiful guitar, in a beautiful colour – welcome :) !
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    NBG (New Build Gas)

    Oh you wouldn't need ANYTHING in the boot of these little machines for them to go around :D !! The old MK2 is probably Ireland's favourite ever rally car (we have a HUGE rally culture here) – and they are still VERY much widely raced to this day!