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  1. Rudedawg

    Odor Eaters ate the stink

    Watched a guy put some odor eaters in his sneakers, out of the corner of my watering eye he totally vanishedo_O :whistling:
  2. Rudedawg

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    I voted no as both my '02 HWY1 and '88 MIK strats have the Fender logo on the head stocks from the factory so they must be Fenders, right? 🤔
  3. Rudedawg

    How to blow a whole day

    Update: it was sent ups 2nd day and after a little help from the tech line----move over Fred Flintstone, we've got wifi with both phones and the laptop and the desktop is hard wired:thumb:
  4. Rudedawg

    Made in Korea Fender Strat

    oh man I'd love to have one in that blue, my white one would get a long needed rest.
  5. Rudedawg

    Matt Mcgibney Guitars and other smaller (less known) builders

    I tried building a strat on their website for kicks and giggles and got this: S Style There has been a critical error on this website.
  6. Rudedawg

    Made in Korea Fender Strat

    Ok gotcha; I'm not sure about the actual neck radius others have mentioned but I do know the one I have has the favorite neck of all the guitars I own. That includes my '02 Fender HW1, slim tapered Gibsons & EPI's, slim Hamers and various no name Chinese guitars. If I found another one I'd buy...
  7. Rudedawg

    Mayo or Miracle Whip?

    I'm a Hellmanns guy she's a Blue Plate girl, there's a jar of Blue Plate in the fridge.:whistling:
  8. Rudedawg

    Made in Korea Fender Strat

    Congrats, I bought my E10 new from a Fender dealer in 1988, it was my 1st electric guitar and it's still my #1. It has the best Fender neck I've ever played.
  9. Rudedawg

    How to blow a whole day

    Update: The AT&T tech lady called today with a UPS tracking number and we looked at the change of address shipping options on the UPS website. I told her according to the UPS site it would cost me an extra $14.99 and she said they would credit my account for that. I asked if maybe she would call...
  10. Rudedawg

    How to blow a whole day

    No doubt, I felt like this
  11. Rudedawg

    How to blow a whole day

    That was what the rep asked also but the guy wasn't overly friendly or accomodating so I didn't push it. If I can't change the delivery address online at least I can track where it will possibly be delivered and will drive there the day it's delivered.
  12. Rudedawg

    The best Les Paul money can buy....

    Guess I'm the odd man out, my '99 Gibson LP is a double cutaway.:thumb:
  13. Rudedawg

    How to blow a whole day

    Warning long post so read at your leisure. It's truly easy to blow a day, just call AT&T and UPS. Monday a week ago I ordered a wireless router/modem directly from AT&T being assured it was compatible with our AT&T DSL internet service. I gave the guy our physical address and account number and...
  14. Rudedawg

    Fender Serial Number Lookup Provides All Specs

    It gave a description only of my HWY1 HWY1 STRATOCASTER RW SBT 07/2002 and no other info also nothing at all on my '88 MIK Fender strat, guess that one is too old.
  15. Rudedawg

    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    he should have worn his "rich Corinthian leather".
  16. Rudedawg

    I’m So Glad

    Ah high school memory lane 10' tall & bullet proof or was it 80 proof, doesn't really matter Cream was awesome.
  17. Rudedawg

    When you heard 'electric guitar'...

    oh wait, it wasn't this guy it was another guy
  18. Rudedawg

    Bad Actors Getting Threads Deleted?

    David Gilmour is the greatest;) :whistling:
  19. Rudedawg

    Hold Me Now Unplugged

    Oh yeah, that works
  20. Rudedawg

    RIP @heltershelton

    Really sad to hear this; I didn't know him but he seemed like a great guy. RIP, another great guitar playing in heaven.
  21. Rudedawg

    Jay Turser JT-300

    Thanks, I've been eying the Monoprice but haven't pulled the trigger. I have finished with all the mods I'm going to do with the Turser. It now has Jin-Ho locking tuners, some of the stock ones didn't work, a GFS prewired pickguard, the trem claw issue got fixed so the tremolo works much better...
  22. Rudedawg

    Thursday meditation

    With age it's kinda like changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
  23. Rudedawg

    When your kid won’t let you stay retired ...

    You're not kidding, my brother runs into that all the time. He took an early retirement and when his friends saw some of the furniture he built for their house in his spare time they constantly hit him up to carpentry work. He recently sold that house and moved to another state which brought on...
  24. Rudedawg

    Fretting hand pain the next day

    Back in the day I had a a short lived Epiphone LP that I absolutely loved but after 15 minutes or so my fret hand hurt like crazy, and I mean even hurt for a couple of days after playing it. I had it professionally set up but that didn't help me. The neck profile was not the slim taper as is my...
  25. Rudedawg

    Does anyone else have AT&T dsl, we need wifi

    I was doing some research and it mentioned that use of any router other than an AT&T supplied one may require an ip passthrough, what the heck is that all about???? Oh man this is getting really complicated to my feeble brain. I even went to an AT&T store yesterday asking about a modem & wifi...