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  1. CandyAppleHead

    Hit songs with underrated guitar solos?

    Very short, but perfect - Ashley Mulford of Sad Cafe on the hit song Everyday Hurts (solo at 02:56):
  2. CandyAppleHead

    Ok guys want to swap out strat pickups, need suggestions (keep reading)

    For that sort of money I would highly recommend Toneriders. I have a set of their Pure Vintage in a partscaster Strat with 9.5" radius and they are bang on the money for Texas Blues or pretty much anything. They have others in the range you could look at but going on the quality and value for...
  3. CandyAppleHead

    Only guitarist in a trio

    - Every band member should be busier than they would be in a four or five piece. That means bass or even drums playing licks that might otherwise be done on guitar or keys - Get all three to sing. Harmonies can fill sonic space otehrwise occupied by guitar or keys - Figure out how to transition...
  4. CandyAppleHead

    Gary Moore just wow

    I was never a Gary Moore fan as all I knew was the 80s hi-gain blooze stuff which I hated. But later I came to realise what an unbelievable talent he was, from the Red House and shreds blues clips above but also from this stunning performance at the Phil Lynott tribute in Dublin in 2005. Watch...
  5. CandyAppleHead

    BBC flooded with complaints over Prince Philip coverage

    If only it wasn't 1997 and there were 500 channels and on-demand TV services available.
  6. CandyAppleHead

    Best way to mellow out a Strat?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the guitar (apart from maybe the action - more on that in a second). A Wildwood 59 is as good a Strat as any and should be more than capable of delivering whatever classic Strat tones you need. It's not the pickups, the pickup height, the strings or the...
  7. CandyAppleHead

    Do I need another guitar

    Luckily, scientists have carried out extensive studies on this subject. After exhaustive research they have devised a formula which can be expressed thus: x = n+1 where x = optimum number of guitars and n = number of guitars currently owned I hope that resolves the issue for you.
  8. CandyAppleHead

    Opinions on the Fender Super Champ XD

    The SCXD is a lovely amp. I've had one for over ten years, gigged with it with no problems. Channel 1 is nice and clean, gets a bit drivey when cranked if you want. On Channel 2 the Marshall Plexi setting is nice whilst the tweed models are even better - voice 1 (I think) has a very compressed...
  9. CandyAppleHead

    Boeing 747 Stratocaster

    Does it have jumbo frets?
  10. CandyAppleHead

    Fender Stratocaster American Standard 1991 - it's original?

    I found the stock pickups in my 88 Am Std pretty dull so I changed them out for CS69s which to me are a vast improvement. Apart from that though it is a superbly built guitar, solid as a rock and its great neck and frets make it an excellent player.
  11. CandyAppleHead

    How do I reduce string tension?

    When people talk about string tension are they reporting on what it feels like to bend strings? If so then a lot of that is down to having too LOW an action, not high. A guitar tech once gave me some good advice. He told me that there are two actions to be taken into account - string-fret and...
  12. CandyAppleHead

    Some thoughts on worn out guitars

    Of course an electric guitar used by a rock musician for many years is going to be in a worse state than a violin played by a classical musician for a similar length of time. The environments in which they are played are totally different. In a rock band you're playing on a cramped stage usually...
  13. CandyAppleHead

    Rate my Gilmour Strat

    I had a DSL50 head and 4x12 cab but sold them last year. Same thing for me - it was incredibly toppy. I had the treble on about 3 and the presence all the way down and it still sounded bright.
  14. CandyAppleHead


    American beer gets a bad rep because the stuff they export tends to be the nasty gnat's piss like Bud. When I've been to the States though I've had some wonderful beer of all varieties.
  15. CandyAppleHead

    7.25 radius

    I have my 7.25" radius Fenders set up as 5/64ths on the low E and a hair over 4/64ths on the high E (basically just so high as to see the line on the ruler under the string). Works for me. Anything lower than that on the high E and not only does it choke but it is difficult to bend. Of course...
  16. CandyAppleHead

    Pet Peeve

    People who say "space" instead of "room", "area" or "place".
  17. CandyAppleHead

    Custom Shop Relic Work Quality

    That might not be clear coat on the bare wood but Fullerplast or sanding sealer.
  18. CandyAppleHead

    Shatner/Blackmore collab.. Thrill is gone

    Their backing band was OK I suppose. I'm just looking for the good here.
  19. CandyAppleHead

    Do you float your trem.

    The trick for bends with a floating trem when you leave one string fixed (say bending the G string up a whole tone whilst fretting the B) is resting the palm of your right hand on the bridge to prevent it from rising. It can be done, with practice.
  20. CandyAppleHead

    New Partscaster Day!

    Had a rummage around and found I actually had some aged knobs in a spares box! So here's the new, improved version:
  21. CandyAppleHead

    Long haired men - the view from 1967

    I don't think it is Gilmour. Here's a photo of him in 1967 with his band Bullitt: Although his hair may well have grown since this photo, by 1968 he looked like this:
  22. CandyAppleHead


    Love that Tahitian Coral colour!
  23. CandyAppleHead

    New Partscaster Day!

    I did, but they didn't change colour at all, unlike the pickup covers which darkened in a couple of hours. I agree they would look better the same colour as the pickups.

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