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    I was responding to a question of who was Mansonienne, and why should I care. Read my initial post. The pile on was after that.
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    Krispy Kreme

    Nauseating, too sweet. Daylight Donuts are much better, though hard to find. Years ago, Daylight was everywhere in small towns, too.
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    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    Thank you My GMC truck was getting nervous.
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    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    I'm from the south. Y'all is collective, not specific. Your is also collective (meaning everyone's). Example.... "Your house is your biggest investment" (meaning everyone that has a house, not a singular persons house). If you took it that way, I'm sorry. To be specific, I didn't intend it...
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    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    Step away from the coffee pot..... You have exceeded your caffeine allowance. You compared gasoline cars to electric cars and their "flammability". I pointed out that other things also can be flammable. Guitars are wood, flammable, but I'm not threatening to burn up someone's Fender either...
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    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    Neither is your wood framed house..... Should we mandate houses with no wood?? Asking for a friend
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    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    Is the battery pack bursting into flames considered "a slight disadvantage"?? Asking for a friend....
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    Life is a compromise

    They are both 25.5 inch scale.
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    Tweed Case Recomendation?

    If you have cats, dont get tweed. Don't ask how I know.....
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    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    I know that tune "Art Title" was "Title" by Artist I was inquiring about.
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    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    I'm not familiar with that song "Title" by Artist......can you hum a few bars??
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    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    Don't forget to bring your own mic for personal use......😷
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    When to flick the pickup selector switch in the middle of a song?

    The rule of thumb is.....that there is no rule of thumb. :whistling:
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    This is BIG!

    Them no longer having potato cakes along with recent story about manager whizzing in the milkshake machine at one location has dropped them on my list.......
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    Johnny Depp living his best life jamming out with Jeff Beck last night.

    Let's leave U2 out of the discussion....
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    Your Rock Star Name.

    Plaid Kix 🎸 (edit.....forgot I'd already eaten breakfast this morning)
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    Classic Series 60s Strat, worth upgrading to 57/62 pickups?

    I've got a 60's and a 50's Classic. I think the stock pickups are just fine. My 60's sound a little hotter, but they are prob just a little higher adjustment-wise. Both are really great Strats and keepers.
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    Taylor 312ce

    I looked at a 414CE too, and ended up with the 314.
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    Taylor 312ce

    I haven't played a 312CE, but I have a 314CE and it plays well, records well. Friend with Gibson SJ200 and another friend with Martin always want to use my 314CE when recording at my place.
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    Fender American Classic (Original Replacement)

    Is the ASPCA aware of the monkeys being mistreated??
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    Compression Headaches

    First compressor I'd ever used was in an Ibanez rack mount UE400. Pretty subtle, liked it. Sold the rack mount when I quit playing about 30 years ago. When I started playing again about 10 years ago, picked up an MXR Dyna Comp (I was playing only single coils at the time) and it worked well...
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    Any Savoy Brown fans??

    A couple more versions.....(Don Nix songwriter)