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  1. DJGranite

    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    My most played lately, 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut Tribute, New from Guitar Center $475 A great guitar
  2. DJGranite

    12-string acoustic guitar recommendations?

    I'm not much help unless you are considering used guitars as well as new. Mine is a 50 year old Guild F112 It sounds amazing to me. It's a smaller "OM" style body that really projects. A bit different than the full sized Dreadnaughts it sounds like a 6 string and something like a Mandolin...
  3. DJGranite

    Why does being more popular than someone else matter?

    It only matters to the shallow
  4. DJGranite

    Show Us What You're RIDING Today!! (Motorcycles)

    Today? This one. Tomorrow might be something different, I have 4 old Harleys.
  5. DJGranite

    What it used to look like

    I found an old picture of my Les Paul Studio from January of 1987, needless to say it's changed a bit since then. Also in the pic is my old Peavey Classic 212, (a tube amp) and on top of it you can see my MXR Distortion+ as well, I still the have LP & the MXR D+ The amp has been gone for...
  6. DJGranite

    The newest patient

    one stripe or two?
  7. DJGranite

    Fenway Park?

    Honk the horn and wave as you go through the Portland area, you might even consider a day trip on your way home. We've got better food and cheaper beer. (most breweries per capita) And one of highest concentrations of...
  8. DJGranite

    I cleaned my guitar room 2022

    You're an inspiration. Nice and neat, everything accessible, nice. Do you do consulting? Any suggestions?:(
  9. DJGranite

    Sold those ‘74 pots for $100

    I knew old pots could be worth something, wasn't thinking quite so much. Good for ya. Hmmm, I have a wiring harness for a 70s Flying V, I wonder what that could be worth? Only 3 pots though, but it does have the switch and the jack and the wires are still there. Where did you sell them...
  10. DJGranite

    Trio Dado

    you turn that around and it's not a bad band name. Dado Trio
  11. DJGranite

    Help identifying Strat body for Partscaster build?

    WD Music is a brand. I didn't read the description, but the title says it is a " WD Music Stratocaster body" so I think that makes it clear that it isn't a Fender body. WD Music is a reputable brand, although I haven't seen one of their bodies in person. EDIT: body is sold 9 minutes after your...
  12. DJGranite

    Ever pick up one of your guitars and wonder why you don't play it more; And have no answer ??

    No, I realized awhile back that I have too many guitars to play each as often as it deserves to be played. So I know the why.:confused: It's when I try to figure out a solution to the problem that I run into issues! So I decided it was time to part with some stuff. I did ok for awhile, sold 4...
  13. DJGranite

    Aria Diamond 1970's? Any thought?

    It's definitely a Matsumoku guitar. Aria, Arai, Aria Diamond, Aria Pro II are all Matsumoku house brands. It's most likely a Mach 1 AE-500 because earlier models like the A-1723 has a truss rod cover. At 150 it's a deal. Earlier still was the 1803t that had some cool pickups. Here are a...
  14. DJGranite

    The things you find when mowing grass

    I caught an Alligator Snapper in Grimesland North Carolina. Weighed over 70 pounds. I was fishing for Bream with a cane pole and a bobber. He kept eating my crickets, thought I had a monster Bream. Kept straightening out my hooks. I ended up hooking in the web between his toes, boy was I stunned...
  15. DJGranite

    NGD : my first Stratocaster !

    Really like the color. Happy new guitar day
  16. DJGranite

    (Help) Issues with authenticating 1972 Stratocaster

    You will get much more informative replies if people can see the various details you're referencing. Pictures are pretty much required for accurate replies. Good luck,
  17. DJGranite

    What do you think? Ebay Squier Strat E Series Japan 1987 St-362

    My experience with the MIJ Fender products is limited to the Squier line, that being said the Squier and Fender brands were made at the same time and at the same place, Fugi gen Gakki. I have 2 from 1983 and one from 1985. All have excellent wood work, great necks and bodies. For the most part...
  18. DJGranite


    I built these several years ago. They are both mostly Fender parts. The Crimson Transparent Red is factory paint job, with a 2004 MIA Deluxe loaded pickguard with the S-1 switching for 10 different PU combinations, a Left hand MIM neck and a Kluson bridge. The other I painted Gorilla Vanilla...
  19. DJGranite

    Made a trade

    Thank you, and I agree. Thank you Yeah, I think that they're one of the best Acoustic guitars made. Absolutely, satisfaction is what it's all about and were both satisfied. So far it's great. I've been a Guild guy for awhile now... had my 1973 F-112 for 27 years and my DCE-1 for several years...
  20. DJGranite

    Made a trade

    This is only Fender related in what was traded. I've been watching a guitar that was priced fairly for the past month or so but had no takers. The price kept going down so when it hit $600 I made a trade offer... I offered him my 1999 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. He was interested enough to ask a few...
  21. DJGranite

    What has been your experience with used gear prices lately?

    It's been mostly trades the last month but I sold 3 guitars within $40 of asking price in March and April. But the market here has been sporadic, that's why I've been making trades lately... I watched a 35 year old Guild D-25 priced fairly at $800 drop to $500 over the past month or so, figured...
  22. DJGranite

    The most restrictive forum

    Yours was first negative post across several forums. So you should be happy. As to why, or what I found funny about the video, well I guess you will have to continue to wonder. What I do or don't believe is not within your range of knowledge. You don't have enough facts to properly extrapolate...
  23. DJGranite

    The most restrictive forum

    Adequate information solves most issues
  24. DJGranite

    The most restrictive forum

    So if I broke the rules by posting the video why did Lonn make a post/comment rather than delete the thread? I've been told someone made an offensive post just before deletion.