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  1. Elvis v

    Chapman “super strat”

    Yes I love all of them. This one rocks. But sadly most hate Rob and his brand.
  2. Elvis v

    Strat-style with built-in effects & amp modeling
  3. Elvis v

    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    Pontiac Grand Prix limited edition.
  4. Elvis v

    HELP Wanted Heritage 535 vs Epiphone 335 vs Gibson 335, MY LAST AXE

    Get a Guild with out the trem. You will love it.
  5. Elvis v

    Dean Zelinsky Tagliare w/Z glide…

    They are not over priced. They are worth it. I love this single cut from them. Cheap used. Quality. And nice neck. Think Gibson and Fender custom shop guitars and you will understand. The Z Glide neck
  6. Elvis v

    How many guitars do you have?

    I have to many guitars.
  7. Elvis v

    Gibson Debuts The Theodore

    They were all bought by and now they are reselling them for more money.:eek:o_O🤮💩
  8. Elvis v


    They made some really expensive models for Barny Kessel. And they are expensive and highly sought after. So the reissue's are high as well. They low end models was junk or just decent. Most never played or could afford the expensive models. So they assume all of them was junk. And they were not...
  9. Elvis v


    Michael that is in the second video I am friends with him. He is a worship leader at his church and did a Gospel Album. And he sells a lot of vintage stuff through Reverb.
  10. Elvis v


    You can replace the bridge and tail piece. Put new pickups in it. And replace the machine heads.
  11. Elvis v

    DV Mark Gen 15 Watt amp head.

    So no info on these?
  12. Elvis v

    Lets see your unusual guitars.

    My friend on Facebook Scott Grove owns the first one in 2 colors. The Bender guitars. He has owned the Strat in the picture.
  13. Elvis v

    Lets see your unusual guitars.

    I watch his channel.
  14. Elvis v

    Lets see your unusual guitars.

    First is Itali fiberglass finish, 2 jacks, 1 bolt on neck. Piezo. Beach boys use the guitars from the brand Trev Wilkerson created them. Looks like the old junk that was cool but never played well. These from the brand do play amazing and are expensive new. Mine was used. Second is Custom 77...
  15. Elvis v

    DV Mark Gen 15 Watt amp head.

    Any one used or owned one?
  16. Elvis v

    Dolly withdraws R&R HoF nomination

    Good. She grew up a hour away from me. All I here is Dolly this Dolly that. I love her but like Carl Dean better. Me and him could get along really good. Plus all they want to talk about is her wigs, make up, and Boobs. Ask Carl sometimes.
  17. Elvis v

    Santana Zebop Wireless headphones. Milagro Foundation. I got a set.

    OK I got a new set of wireless headphones. Santana Zebop to help the Milagro Foundation, originally established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998, has granted more than eight million dollars to non-profit agencies supporting underserved children and youth around the world in the areas of...
  18. Elvis v

    Evercade VS console. I got one.

    So is any one interested in a Evercade handheld or the Evercade VS?
  19. Elvis v

    Evercade VS console. I got one.

    I saw that the Evercade VS was coming out with a console. 1 game cartridge, and controller 99 dollars. Or Evercade console, 2 cartridge's, 2 controller's 130 dollars. They play retro games, arcade, home gaming console etc.. So I decided to get one. It has Blaze Evercade Techno's Arcade Cartridge...
  20. Elvis v

    Why I Sold my PRS Silver Sky SE

    A Strat style that does not sound like a Strat oh no. Silly. Each guitar should be it's on thing. Why does people expect a S style guitar all to sound the same?
  21. Elvis v

    NGD: Ron Kirn Signature Stratocaster Hardtail

    Congrats I talk to him on a Forum. Good man he told me to use McGuire's car stuff on my guitars.