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  1. Stormy Monday

    Talk Talk

  2. Stormy Monday

    Show us what you're playin' today

    My Heritage 535 is like that. I find myself having to force myself to take a different guitar off the wall to jam
  3. Stormy Monday

    Question for the Sparkies Out There

    get the grandkids to ask Alexa to fart.....
  4. Stormy Monday

    She Caught The Katy

  5. Stormy Monday

    Wanna hear a good joke?

    I was happily married for 5 years. Five out twenty ain't bad...
  6. Stormy Monday

    We could play ska punk!!!

    I'm in
  7. Stormy Monday

    Show us what you're playin' today

    Instruments from this afternoon's jam
  8. Stormy Monday

    Getting new fuel tank today

    I had the four door version of that a bazillion years ago. Yours looks much better
  9. Stormy Monday

    Seymour Duncan JB - Well Balanced Humbucker?

    Seth Lovers
  10. Stormy Monday

    All Along the Watchtower

  11. Stormy Monday

    A feel good thread!

    Very neat
  12. Stormy Monday

    cat lovers only.....

    He has to be told?
  13. Stormy Monday

    Don't pull your love out on me baby

    interesting to hear how the songs evolved. Neat thread
  14. Stormy Monday


    Depends are next.....
  15. Stormy Monday

    I love Geddy Lee

    The singer is finally getting through puberty?
  16. Stormy Monday

    Bodean's Lounge

    Our keyboard player uses a solid state amp, and clean, 12 or 15 inch speaker. Didn't like my tube amps.
  17. Stormy Monday

    Goober...or Gomer?

    Really! Live long and golleee. Sorry
  18. Stormy Monday

    Bodean's Lounge

    That and a beer or two.... explosive!
  19. Stormy Monday

    winky face is correct

    how true...... ;)
  20. Stormy Monday

    Gotta love the mini amps

    I used mine when we lived on the boat. I had a dc adapter to run if needed.
  21. Stormy Monday


    Pretty neat watching them grow up
  22. Stormy Monday

    How to lose weight hair and sleep.

    The babies will thank you
  23. Stormy Monday

    How to lose weight hair and sleep.

    Thanks for working so hard and paying into Social Security. Grazie!