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  1. aviamsi

    New Fender “Rocky” Strat…

    4000-5000 dollar if you ask the sellers on Reverb :)
  2. aviamsi

    New Fender “Rocky” Strat…

    1000 WW according to Thomann.
  3. aviamsi

    Well, what do you say about Rocky??

    Well, me too :eek:
  4. aviamsi


    HNGD o_O
  5. aviamsi

    Can anyone say which Strat Skunk is playing here?

    Is it a modified Mexican?
  6. aviamsi

    NGD - and its blue.

    This guitar looks so cool. as simple as that. HNGD!
  7. aviamsi

    Question: What is this hole?

    I'm sure there was once a rabbit living inside. ;)
  8. aviamsi

    NGD! My Highway One Strat

    Beautiful color and wood grain.
  9. aviamsi

    Are we going to see the American Vintage series back any time soon?

    I would love to get my hands on one of the '59 reissue Strats
  10. aviamsi

    Have you seen this? Looks intriguing to me!

    A special one indeed.
  11. aviamsi

    Do locking tuners help stay in tune?

    Yes, IMO and from a personal experience.
  12. aviamsi


    HNGD :)
  13. aviamsi

    NGD American Professional II

    beautiful congrats!!
  14. aviamsi

    New Player Plus…Wow!

    "for strings" LOL :D:D
  15. aviamsi

    Gibson price increase

    The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. All these manufacturers today are hungry for money more and more. Do they raise their employees' salary too? Haha what a joke. Instead of being thankful they keep feeding the hunger for money once again.
  16. aviamsi

    NGD Got the American Original 50s Strat

    The work "classic" was invented for use in such occasions. Your new guitar, sir, is a classic.
  17. aviamsi

    I woke up this mornin' and...

    Good morning, it's 90am in guitar time zone.
  18. aviamsi

    NGD: Did I find “The” Strat for me?

    Fine looking for sure. congrats!