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  1. msbrech

    Long Distance Winner—Buckingham Nicks

    I really wish this would get a proper, official re-issue. But given the way those two continue to bicker to this day, I doubt that will ever happen.
  2. msbrech

    One word song title transference

    Suddenly I See - K T Tunstall
  3. msbrech

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    Nope. My only strat right now is a Squier.
  4. msbrech

    Hipshot tuners vs Planet Waves tuners

    Gotta say, although I like the idea of Hipshot's mounting plate, I'm leaning towards the Planet Waves now. I appreciate the feedback everyone!
  5. msbrech

    Hipshot tuners vs Planet Waves tuners

    Hey all. I'm now gathering the components to upgrade my Squier. I've narrowed my tuner decision down. Hipshot 6 inline staggered tuners vs the D'addario Planet Waves auto trim tuners. Thoughts?
  6. msbrech

    Upgrading this Squier Standard Stratocaster

    I've heard good things about the Obsidian Wire solderless kits (just ordered one for my Squier Affinity in fact). They send a new output jack with it, and I heard the electronics are excellent. And it's much easier to swap out pickups if you ever do decide to change things up.
  7. msbrech

    3 different pickups in 1 Stratocaster

    How do you know what works unless you try? That's probably a fantastic combo!
  8. msbrech

    Squier HSH Super Strat Pickup Recommendations?

    I know you said you wanted to stay away from boutique builders, but Bootstrap Pickups in Ohio have very reasonable prices and have gotten some good reviews. And they ship. I just pulled the trigger on a set of humbucker sized P90s (their HB90 Mean pickups), with a strat single coil for the...
  9. msbrech

    Pickguard and Pickup color

    3 ply black pickguard with any color for the pickups will just look sick.
  10. msbrech

    So what have I got here?

    I've just never seen that before. I was prepared for either a black lining or none in those cavities. I'll leave it. It's pretty well adhered around the edges anyway! By any chance, do you know what woods were used in the affinity bodies in 2014? I believe it's poplar now. But didn't they used...
  11. msbrech

    Maybe I can actually adapt: My changed views on Joe B

    Never listened much to him, but his solo on I'd Rather Go Blind with Beth Hart rips!
  12. msbrech

    So what have I got here?

    Last year I bought a Squier off Marketplace. I'm certain the neck is legit, and the serial # indicates a 2014 manufacturing date in Indonesia. But I remember Guitarmageddon saying the body looked a bit odd when I posted pics some months back. Well yesterday I finally started in on a string...
  13. msbrech

    Sell the Amp?

    I respectfully disagree. I plan to keep playing through mine, but if it goes months without even being turned on, I'd rather sell it to someone who can use it. Lots of beginner players out there that can use an inexpensive practice amp. That's how I got my Frontman in the first place. Bought it...
  14. msbrech

    My First One

    I'll echo what others have said here. I think it's worth holding off on doing any mods for a few months. Just play the guitar. Get a feel for it, and I think that will give you a better idea which way you want to go with any upgrades. Squiers are, in my humble opinion, very good instruments that...
  15. msbrech

    Sell the Amp?

    I've just gotten a Champion 50XL, but I plan to keep my Frontman 15G. Like others have said, it's handy to have a good practice amp around. That being said, even though they don't take up much space, if you're certain you won't use it at all, might as well sell it on, rather than it gathering dust.
  16. msbrech

    NAD Fender Champion 50XL

    About 2 years back when I resumed my guitar journey, I started with a Yamaha acoustic my wife bought me for Christmas, but soon acquired an electric. One of those starter packs with a very cheap 10 watt amp. So I picked up a Fender Frontman 15G from Marketplace for 40 bucks and that's pretty...
  17. msbrech

    Preparing for my first build

    Out of curiosity, was it a strat kit you got from Solo with the crooked neck?
  18. msbrech

    Preparing for my first build

    I doubt anyone wants or needs (or should) use treated wood for a guitar body though!
  19. msbrech

    Trying to straighten neck by adjusting truss rod

    I see what you did there...
  20. msbrech

    Preparing for my first build

    I'm definitely investing in some Bootstrap pickups. I'm dying to pair some P90S with a single coil (or probably a pair of their H90s, depending on the route I have to work with).
  21. msbrech

    Preparing for my first build

    No woodworking experience to speak of. Apart from some very rough cutting of treated 2x4s to fix a fence gate and carving up a couple of pieces of plywood to mount a pair of window shakers in my old house (the dream of building a guitar from scratch is quite a ways away). I admit I'm leaning...
  22. msbrech

    Preparing for my first build

    Well right now I have what I think is a Squier that I haven't messed with yet, apart from a string change and neck adjustment. And although it took a while, I managed to successfully get it intonated properly. I do want to eventually upgrade it, but I decided to live with it as is for a while...
  23. msbrech

    Preparing for my first build

    It's been about two years since I restarted my own guitar journey. My practice is slowly becoming more consistent, and after a nice bonus check I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on my first build. I've been wanting to build one for a while, and I really want to work up to build my own from...
  24. msbrech

    Polishing frets?

    So far I've only used 0000 steel wool, but on the electrics the neck had been removed and was well cleaned before being reattached to the body. I've been curious about the micro mesh pads, but I do want to get a Dremel or Dremel-like tool in the near future, and that method does look pretty slick.
  25. msbrech

    Alegree bodies

    For what it's worth, Colin at the YouTube channel CSGuitars seems to like Alegree. He did a partscaster build using their parts (Daphne blue Strat style body, baked maple neck, P90s). The only thing he was really critical of was the bridge he bought. But other than that he likes them.