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  1. bluejazzoid

    Reverb Woes

    All I will add is that I think you would prefer your seller taking a little longer to pack and ship properly since you're talking about an acoustic guitar. The alternative --him rushing to ship without packing it properly-- would probably end up being even more disappointing.
  2. bluejazzoid

    It's Been Awhile Since I've Been Here and/or Posted

    Glad you found your way back!
  3. bluejazzoid

    Pickguard gaps, correct scale?

    Here's your body compared with another Squier Cali Series body.... it indeed looks like the holes are about 1/8" back too far: You could always fill those and redrill the mounting holes in the correct position. Or..... perhaps you could get a custom pickguard made to fill that gap, and then...
  4. bluejazzoid

    Pickguard gaps, correct scale?

    Yours should look like this (from an old thread): So my only guess is the bridge is mounted further back than it should be.... can you post a photo of the bare body please?
  5. bluejazzoid

    Entering the 6th layer of hell today.

    In honor of =heltershelton&o=date']Helter, bring a fart machine.... the line will shorten much quicker.
  6. bluejazzoid

    Last day of my 50s

    Happy Birthday Lonn - have a good flight & trip! PS: while in Istanbul, try to avoid "Bald Bull" if possible
  7. bluejazzoid

    Strat was run over by a car

    Well, now that's truly "Road Worn" right? :D Some fingernail polish (color of choice) over the exposed wood is a fairly cheap, durable and quick fix.
  8. bluejazzoid

    R,I.P. Olivia Newton John

    Sad news. She was such a natural beauty and talent.... RIP.
  9. bluejazzoid

    Anyone leave their Stratocaster tuned half step down?

    All of mine, all the time. :) Eb on a Strat is Goldilocks stuff.
  10. bluejazzoid

    Toronto Trip poss. next month - HOLY HOTEL PRICES!!

    You could always check renting something on VRBO instead of typical hotels. And a train trip sounds awesome... keep us posted!
  11. bluejazzoid

    Morcheeba live 2018

    I heard Moorcheeba for the first time while listening to Radio Paradise back in the 90s -- I instantly fell in love with their sound. Such a cool band...thanks for the post Monte!
  12. bluejazzoid

    I love Geddy Lee

    As a longtime Rush fan, I've grown to love and appreciate Geddy's vocals more and more over the years. Seriously: you can't have The Temples Of Syrinx without Geddy's screeching vocals.... I mean, the priests of the temples ARE freaking aliens for cryin' out loud -- Geddy's voice makes it real...
  13. bluejazzoid

    82' Fullerton 'Dad' on it's way to the USA

    Just my opinion, but while it's in MJT's hands I'd seriously consider having them refinish that in a cool color of your choice instead of attempting to fix a bad relic job. If anyone can fix a poor relic job they can, but if any guitar merited a refinish it's that Strat. And I mean spray over...
  14. bluejazzoid

    @Ebidis Gummies

    You needed an ad...... so:
  15. bluejazzoid

    BOSS guitar pickups?

    The neck would be perfect for someone to practice installing frets.
  16. bluejazzoid

    For Sale Pete Eastgrove Stratocaster Pickups set - '59 style

    Yes, they are potted (unless ordered specifically unpotted, Pete pots all his pickups). And the DCR readings for these with my multimeter are just under the number on the backs (like 5.9, 5.9, and 6.0 ~ negligible with temp diff).
  17. bluejazzoid

    Dark Night Strat - Swapped for new one at store

    If you change your mind @EspressoMartini I found one even lighter than your original I think:
  18. bluejazzoid

    Someone please help Darwin

    Drawn and quartered..... to the antlers of a couple bull moose.
  19. bluejazzoid

    Antigua burst isn’t looking so bad anymore.

    New "Fruit Roll-ups" finish?
  20. bluejazzoid

    BOSS guitar pickups?

    Spiffy work there @simoncroft ! This just occurred to me -- the location of the "BOSS" logo on the pickup covers is just like old EMG single coils: So maybe those are a BossAxe emulation of active pickups like EMGs.... maybe.
  21. bluejazzoid

    BATGIRL - was anyone here at the test-screenings?

    As Barb used to say "pfffft"...... Now a "Bat Boy" movie would be awesome!