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    A new Squier Classic Vibe 60s or a second hand MIM?

    I bought a Chinese CV 60s several years ago. It has the alder body and rosewood fretboard. I already had a very nice American strat (and a tele), and I got the CV60 as a cheap beater to use on camping trips, to hand to nephews, to have sitting around the house, etc. I was surprised what a...
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    want another guitar for blues,,ES or LP style?

    I like the Ibanez semi-hollow guitars a lot, too. I have an AS-153 that I bought used. The fretwork is incredible, and it can get a very versatile range of tones, especially with the extra 3-way neck p/u switch.
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    NGD - Ibanez AS-50 1980

    That's a beauty. It looks like it wasn't played much.
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    Custom aged my pickguard

    That's pretty much how I aged the pickguard on my light relic project. On actual old strats the pickguard area under the strings looks pretty new, but outside of the strings they are more dirty and scuffed. So I masked off the area under the strings and scuffed up the rest with steel wool and...
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    Red strat owners club!

    My Fiesta red light relic partscaster.
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    NGD: Ibanez AS153 semi-hollow

    I have 3 strats and a tele, and wanted a shorter scale guitar with humbuckers. I had a hard time deciding between a Les Paul type solidbody or an ES-335 type semi-hollow body. I couldn't afford a Gibson ES-335 or higher end Les Paul, so I was mainly looking at the Chinese and Korean versions...
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    Good Les Paul Copies

    What's your price range? In the $500 range, the Epiphone Tribute Plus is a nice LP for the money. Made in China. In the $800 range, the Prestige Heritage seems to get rave reviews, and they are beautiful looking guitars. Made in Korea using Canadian wood. In the $2000 range, I like the...
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    Trying to decide on non-Fender guitar

    I have 3 strats and a tele, and I'd like to get a shorter scale guitar with humbuckers. I can't decide if I want a semi-hollow body or solid body guitar. The Epiphone ES-339 looks nice and sounded nice in the demos, and it has gotten good reviews. And at around $450 new the price point is...
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    HSS recommendations

    Any opinions on the Seymour Duncan Little '59, or Hot Rails? I have 3 strats, all SSS, and I've been thinking about changing one to HSS, and one of these single-coil sized humbuckers looks like an easy option. On the other hand, maybe I should buy one of the cheaper Epiphone SG guitars.
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    Changed the way I'm holding a pick. Is it harming my playing?

    I like a thicker, more rounded pick for playing mandolin. I mostly use a D'Addario ProPlec 1.5mm rounded triangle. For guitar, I used to use thinner teardrop picks, but now I prefer the thicker rounded triangle picks like the Fender 346 Heavy.
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    Martin string gauge help

    Martin actually recommends medium gauge strings (.13 gauge) on that guitar, so it should be able to handle the 12's okay. Some guitars just settle in over time, and it might just need a setup. If you bought it at a local shop, I'd take it back and ask them to correct the action and assess...
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    Fantasy Partscaster

    The body was cut by Wildwood Manufacturing. MJT did the original finish with a bit of relicing, and I added some of my own relicing. What I love most about this build is the neck. The contour, radius, and frets are perfect for me -- the most comfortable neck I've ever laid hands on.
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    Fantasy Partscaster

    I built my dream partscaster, basically a copy of an early-60's strat: Vintage-routed alder body, under 4 lbs, Fiesta Red nitro finish with some mild relicing Neck from USACG with soft-V profile, quartersawn maple, 6105 frets, 10" radius, and extra dark rosewood Fender vintage-style bridge...
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    Amp options/recommendations

    Yeah, I like that amp a lot. But the lack of separate volume and master controls makes me think that I'll have to crank it up really loud to get some decent overdrive.
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    Amp options/recommendations

    I'm looking for an amp that meets the following requirements. - Low power (preferable 15W or less) - All-tube - Separate master and volume/gain controls - Good overdrive at low volume without pedals - Built-in reverb I generally prefer the tone of Fender amps. I like the DRRI amps a...
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    Fender decal on a non Fender neck

    Mine was also a J. Bennett decal. He was great to deal with -- sent a sample illustration (see the attached photo) of the design for approval before printing, and he sends 3 or 4 decals in case you screw up applying it, and he includes instructions on how to apply them for best results.
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    Fender decal on a non Fender neck

    I don't care what others do to their guitars, but this is what I did. I built a partscaster that was a copy of an early 60's strat. I wanted it to look like an old Fender strat, so initially I put a Fender decal on the headstock to make it look "right". But the headstock shape was a bit...
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    Fiesta Red 60s light relic project

    I initially put a Fender decal on the headstock. It got a bit messed up, but since this is a relic project it looked fine. However, since this isn't a real Fender, and since the headstock shape is a bit different I decided to go with a custom logo. You'll notice the hole in the headstock...
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    Mayer vs Hot Rod '60s

    I wish the new Hot Rods had the vintage 6-point bridge. I'm sure the 2-point bridge works fine, but I just personally prefer the classic 6-point bridges.
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    Fender Pawn Shop Model '51

    I've been wanting a hardtail strat, and I just might have to consider one of these as something a little different.
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    NGD Epiphone ES-335 Pro

    Lately I've been GASing for an ES-335 or ES-339. What was your opinion of the Sheraton II and the Dot? The local CL has a Sheraton II for $480. I was wondering if this was a good deal.
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    Mesa Boogie Mark's

    I have a Mark III combo that I bought new in the late 80's. I obviously have liked it well enough to keep it all these years. It is super versatile with three separate channels, Class A or A/B switch, a bazillion knobs, most of which have push/pull functions. It's a bit complicated to use, but...
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    Red, White, and Blue

    Yep, that one's an EJ.
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    Red, White, and Blue

    My red, white, and blue strats.