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  1. joe_cpwe

    9s vs 10s vs hybrids on a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

    Yep. I use 9-46 on all my Strat, Tele, and strat-like devices and have since late 80s when in E or E flat tuning. They deliver a firm bottom for chording and nice playability on top. Was Slinky 2222 forever but in past few years have learned toward D'addario EXL 125. I still keep both around...
  2. joe_cpwe

    What kind of case: Fender ABS Molded vs G&G Tolex/Tweed (or something else)?

    I will mostly use whatever comes with the guitar. FWIW, I've bought abs, tweed, and gig bags in the past. Of the two options I prefer ABS by about 80/20 purely for all things functionality wise, and the guitar shape over rectangular. Old style, tolex/tweed look awesome but are a little...
  3. joe_cpwe

    DiMarzio Rails Owners

    Sort of old thread, but FWIW I left the 250k pots in my Strat and added a Chopper in the bridge. Sounds great IMO. Works nice in switch position 2 w/ middle pickup too.
  4. joe_cpwe

    Doing it myself Nitro Cellulose paint job.

    My one experience working with nitro was good. Last year I resprayed white nitro on the top and sides of this 2007 Les Paul Studio. First picture you see the aged white, which was naturally the color it faded to, but a previous owner had deep scratches all over the bottom half and sprayed it...
  5. joe_cpwe

    Is your name in a song title?

    yep, it sure is
  6. joe_cpwe

    Super glue on acoustic bridge to even string volume?

    Why half-ass a Martin? I assume it's a good sounding guitar..... Using a good saddle, take your time and sand the bottom by hand, lay the sand paper on a flat surface and slide bottom of the saddle across it. Use the one you messed up as a guide and don't sand off as much. You may need to...
  7. joe_cpwe

    Show us what you're playin' today

    Mostly this, a lot. 2015 Traditional Classic ABR
  8. joe_cpwe

    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    Keg parties in the had Zeppelin 2, 4, and occasionally 1. For Rush you have side 1 of Moving Pictures anything else gets tossed. Much easier to put on Back in Black and go fill up your beer!
  9. joe_cpwe

    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    You want a whole lotta love, or to hang out with By Tor and the Snow Dog? (from each band's 2nd album BTW) Zeppelin's most accessable stuff was their first 4 albums, bluesier and groovier and simpler. The more complicated albums lost average listeners. Rush got more complicated early in their...
  10. joe_cpwe

    trigger warning: Angus content

    My how things have changed...
  11. joe_cpwe

    What's your choice of acoustic? Let's see yours!

    Very cool. I like the black pickguard and some new (I assume taller?) frets must be nice. I got mine last year, bought from the original owner who put a lot of miles on it. It's an upgrade from the Yamaha I'd sort-of inherited and played the past 30 yrs. The DM is a decent guitar and the...
  12. joe_cpwe

    What's your choice of acoustic? Let's see yours!

    A well played 1997 Martin DM
  13. joe_cpwe

    Raising the middle pickup on a Stratocaster… a tonal discovery!

    I like the middle pickup, although I don't have it raised.
  14. joe_cpwe

    Low cost PAF humbuckers

    +1 on the Guitar Madness, You can get a set for under $50 I put their 57s in a Hamer.....double cream hot alnico 2 in bridge and regular zebra alnico 2 in neck and it sounds great. I've also used their...
  15. joe_cpwe

    Cost vs sales value of a partscaster

    I didn't take it as confrontational at all. I hope what I wrote didn't seem that way either. People have all different ways to view how they use their time and money and have all sorts of different priorities. Who the heck am I to be the judge.
  16. joe_cpwe

    Cost vs sales value of a partscaster

    The seller is telling you what this guitar isn't what he wants. He wants a Fender. Why would you want it?! Trust him :D I have zero interest in buying someone's partscaster. Too many unknowns and not broad appeal when going to resell. Some ppl claim to never think about resale value when...
  17. joe_cpwe

    Got my first Telecaster today

    twangalicious. congrats
  18. joe_cpwe

    1 amp dirty and clean

    You really do need to go play as many different two channel amps as you can get your hands on. There's plenty out there new and used but there's a huge variation in flavors of distortion, and even clean tone. What about reverb and what about an effects loop, do you want thise? -It would be...
  19. joe_cpwe

    My drummer was murdered. This sucks.

    Tragic, very sorry for your loss.
  20. joe_cpwe

    Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster. What are your thoughts on it?

    I like the EJ. I want one. Since I'm a traditionalist I'm a sucker for sunburst with maple but the rosewood models with binding look amazing. No interest in the F hole models.
  21. joe_cpwe

    Strat + Compression + Clean amp = The Fixx = great tone

    I had the chance to see The Fixx for the first time yesterday. Wow, the Stat tone with heavy compression into Fender amps for that clean " 80's sound" was so great live. Good band, glad they're still at it. Haven't found any videos online that convey 1/10th the attack and tone you hear live.
  22. joe_cpwe

    NAD: Soldano SLO-30

    Awesome, congrats on that :thumb:
  23. joe_cpwe

    Changed from Hercules to String Swing hangers + electric family photo

    The Silvertone came out it's case for picture day and went right back. The tuners have crumbled and the neck needs a reset, I will get that reset later done this year. Like a fool I lost the original bridge a number of years ago and was lucky to find another one on Reverb a few months ago...