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  1. teleamp

    Wanted WTB I'm looking for a Tone Master emblem

    Long shot I know but... Does anyone want to sell the Tone Master emnlem of yout Fender Tone Master amp?
  2. teleamp

    Vibro Champ Reverb stock speaker revisited...

    I've had my VCRA for over a year now. One of the first things I did was swap out the speaker. I thought the one I replaaced it with sounded good (well it did until the cone went south)... I had it reconed but the magic was gone. I kept it in the amp hoping it would improve... It didn't... So...
  3. teleamp

    SD LaBrea for an Esquire?

    One of my most favorite Tele bridge pickupds an early gray bottom. Is the Brad paisley Labrea pickup a worthy candidate for an Esquire build?
  4. teleamp

    Hold on loosely, extracting every bit of tone from your acoustic

    And, the lighter the build, the more this applies. I use to be in the "clamped" to the guitar camp... That is, when I would play acoustic it would be against my body and with my picking arm laying on the body... Not anymore, I try to keep as little contact to the guitar as possible and can...
  5. teleamp

    Adult tricycles, particulary the Schwinn Meridian

    I have medical issues that keep me from riding a 2 wheel bike. But, I think I could manage on 3 wheels. I am 5'8" tall and Schwinn offers 3 wheel sizes; 20, 24 & 26". Would I be too short for the 26" wheel version? Also, single speed is out. So, 3 or 5/7 speed options, haven't a clue which to...
  6. teleamp

    Almost sold the acoustic the other day

    But when I heard it played, I thought no way... I pulled the ad the next day. And, I have played it everyday since. Bought it new in August 2020. It has opened up so much (sound wise) since. But it still lets out a mahogany scent when played.
  7. teleamp

    I thought I learned my lesson... Buying NOS valves

    I bought another Bendix 5992... The first was gassy and noisy... But, the tone! I cooled off from feeling burned and another from a more reliable looking source showed up... We'll see... I'm using an old Sylvania now but, the tone of the Bendix is alluring... Actually, new production 6V6's...
  8. teleamp

    How do I properly describe how an amp sounds

    I have been playing for decadeds and have built countless amplifiers. I never really knew how to describe how they sounded. I always used generic homgenizing terms. Now, that I am playing through a Vibro Champ Reverb, I would like to know how to describe the sound, particularly lack of sound...
  9. teleamp

    If you own one of the new Vibrro Champ Reverb amps... clean tones

    Don't keep the volume so low and don't use input number 1.... Plug into input number 2, -6db... Then turn the volume to at least 7... This is where it gets interesting. The more in control of your picking hand you are. The more dynamics will come through. This amp not only amplifies, it can...
  10. teleamp

    Who all here are into fasting?

    I started a water fast Sunday night, my goal is seven days... 33 hours in and I am feeling good. My purpose for the fast is to get my body into autophagy and lose weight. I reaaly like the effects of both. For the most part of my adult life, I weighed 165. I had some medical issues and I got...
  11. teleamp

    My .02 for a great sounding amp

    Get as much speaker as you can afford... And, the older, the better... There is magic in the old magnets.
  12. teleamp

    The new Vibro Champ Reverb Amps and noise issues

    I have been around Champs and single ended amps most of my 50 years of playing. i keep reading reviews and online questions concerning idle noise. Yes, single ended amps are known for being a little noisy at idle. But, (I haven't confirmed this) I think Fender went with provisins for making...
  13. teleamp

    11-13-21 What are you listening to/watching

    Me, Wolf alice on youtube...
  14. teleamp

    Widow maker amps and GFCI receptacles

    Another thread got me to thinking... I'm dangerous when I think... But, wouldn't a GFCI receptacle render a widow maker ampsafe to play? If you can throw something that is plugged into a tub full of water and no more happen than the GFCI tripping... Be cheaper than an isolation transformer...
  15. teleamp

    New preamp day... Frenzel FM DP-1

    Here it is with the 6v6 power amp and speaker cab... Very neat. The "F" input sounds Fendery, the "M" input is brighter and has more gain. (I'll have to try an EL34 with the amp and see if it will karang) Something I figured to do is to use the channel interation like on a 5E3 for more tonal...
  16. teleamp

    I have come full circle on amplfiers...

    Started with my dadsreel to reel tape recorder set on record and pause playing a pawn shop Fender Music Master when I was about 8... My dad came home from work one day and I was playing with ith cranked into sweet distortion, he came unglued... So, now about 50 years later my "rig" is an...
  17. teleamp

    NOSD, 60's JBL 8" for the Vibro Champ Reverb

    Got it yesterday, bought from a speaker mechanic (Dusty's Speaker Repair... now DSR). He rebuilt the speaker as a 4 ohm and made custom moving parts... Little 8" sounds more like a 12". He does a lot of different brands. I sent him my R & A to be rebuilt. I made an adapter ring out of a...
  18. teleamp

    Combination 5f2a/power amp, can it be done?

    I am going to find out... Here's my plan, please feel free to give input... I have a 8" speaker on the way for a Vibro Champ Reverb (it uses a 10" speaker), I am going to load the 8" into a 5f2a amp cabinet (larger than a 5f1). The assemble an amp for it, 5f2a you guessed it. But, with a...
  19. teleamp

    Champs and speakers... VibroChamp Reverb Amp content

    My fleabay vintage speaker bit the dust. A Celestion Gold was better but, a Tone Tubby 8" in an oversized 1 X 12 cabinet comes close to the old R&A. It (Tone Tubby/Mitchell cab) sound so good together that the Mitchell cabinet is now the permament home for the TT. While a little plinky way up...
  20. teleamp

    Another speaker ordered for the VibroChamp Reverb

    The fantastic soundin R&A did't last long... Refurbished JBL on the way, this ought to be interesting. It's been rebuilt as a 4 ohm speaker with custom parts... Making an adapter plate for the baffle now.
  21. teleamp

    Should I? Custom VibroChamp Reverb Amp OT swap

  22. teleamp

    So I am guessing (wishing and GASING VibroChamp Amp Handwired)

    will be just south of $2K (why not, I still have 2 kidneys). I better start saving... (I'm fond of my kidneys)
  23. teleamp

    I need help designing single 6v6 power amp...

    I wantto build a single ended, cathode biased power amp. Based on the blackface Champ. I am unclear on what shouldgo before the power tube coming from input jack. Do I need a driver tube, 1/2 of a 12**7? THanks
  24. teleamp

    Found the perfect (for me) speaker for Custom Vibro Champ Reverb

    An old R & A. Got it from a seller out of Canada. Got a good deal on itbecause of moisture staine. This speaker sounds sweet. Nice bass and detail. Play with the right touch and it is tonal nervana.
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