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  2. Scrapperz

    RiffRumble 24 "Beer"

    Anyone else here enter the RiffRumble? This is my entry for the RiffRumble at RiffWorld. If you like it please give me a good "Shout". If you do "Shout" only do it once, multiple shouts may disqualify. Thanks hope you get a kick out of it. Headphones or a good stereo will always...
  3. Scrapperz

    Installing an LSR Roller Nut on a Burswood Strat

    I went ahead and started installing this nut on a Burswood Strat. Took some pictures and explained how I'm doing it. 1st, I removed the old plastic nut that I worked already once. 2nd, I scribed a line so that I can saw most of the material out. In this case it's 3/32" or .094" of an...