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  1. stormsedge

    Player Gets Lace and a Facelift

    Two sessions of side-by-side comparisons convinced me my Player should be the recipient of the Lace Sensor loaded pickguard I recently acquired (thanks @Lonn). Sounds much better. It also has a matching back cover, unlike the OEM mismatch.
  2. stormsedge

    NGD—Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster

    A crazy week that started with a plan to trade a bunch of gear for a dirt encrusted US HSS Strat. That didn’t happen…but this Roadhouse did. Just unpacked it.
  3. stormsedge

    NGD—Buddy Guy Stratocaster

    NGD today. The carton was bent and crushed, but the guitar in its factory gig bag was undamaged. It is a sweet guitar.
  4. stormsedge

    NGD—Fiesta Red CV50

    Really nice. Haven’t plugged it in yet.
  5. stormsedge

    Doctor My Eyes

    I'm seeing spots...or will be when NGD arrives 😎.
  6. stormsedge

    GAS PSA--Player HSS at Daily Pick

    I told Mrs I was in the hunt for another guitar, yesterday. I've been looking at used Player HSS's. The price ($679) and color (red) of this one sort of nulls the idea of a used one for me. For your GAS'ng pleasure...
  7. stormsedge

    NPDx2–Alter Egox4 and Sparkle Drive Mod

    Late of the @ToneRanger collection. Awesome! Time to wire up a new board.
  8. stormsedge

    Fender Excelsior Shifts from Clean to Garbled/Distorted and Back...a problem

    The thread title pretty much sums it newly acquired Excelsior occasionally shifts from a nice clean tone to an unusable garbled/distorted mess...then a bit later (if I stay with it) it goes clean again. I had some pre-amp tubes, so I switched them out--no change. I'm thinking about...
  9. stormsedge

    New Knife Day -- Justin Case Tactical Folder

    I am a sucker for nice, affordable knives, and have acquired every model (so far) of the Justin Case Tactical line. These are done locally by a friend of mine and done right. Their other knives up until now have been very sturdy fixed blades. I really like them. HNKD...the FAFO-1 Folder...
  10. stormsedge

    Happy Mother's Day

    Don't forget. And, certainly Happy Mother's Day to those in our happy group with that distinction. Blessings.
  11. stormsedge

    NPDx2 -- Fuzzy Anderson the 2nd...and the 3rd

    I received two new pedals today that I am very pleased with...a Fuzzy Anderson the 2nd and a Fuzzy Anderson the 3rd. My playing is best described as rhythm, so I look for pedals that do not muddy up chords...both of these pedals easily hit that mark. The 2nd is a Big Muff style and produces...
  12. stormsedge

    Scam Alert---BankofAmerica emails...there may be others

    This AM (18th) Mrs received four emails in succession from BankofAmerica saying her new online bank account was set up and confirmed, etc. I checked the "from" email addresses and they were legitimate bankofamerica emails. She went down to the Bank of America in the next town when they...
  13. stormsedge

    PSA---HSS Player in Sonic Blue at GC Daily Pick 11 March $699.99

    An opportunity to add a Player to your collection. No affiliation.
  14. stormsedge

    PSA--Sweet Gig Bags--GC Daily Pick $50

    I picked up a couple of these Roadrunner Highway Premium gig bags abt a year ago. They are really nice and deeply padded. Noticed these this AM, and ordered some more (albeit these are camo vs black) at abt half the price of the last ones. No affiliation.
  15. stormsedge

    PSA--Wireless Good Deal at GC 12/23/21 AM

    I got tired of tripping over tangled cords and tried an XVive wireless set a few weeks ago. I liked it so much, I decided to get another when they went on sale came to pass this AM. No affiliation.
  16. stormsedge

    Ordinary World on Netflix--Billie Joe Armstrong

    An article @Believer7713 posted earlier reminded me to mention Ordinary World playing on Netflix starring Billie Joe Armstrong. Some tunes and gratuitous guitar shots. A decent flick to fill some time. Cheers.
  17. stormsedge

    Avatar Theme-this caught my eye

    ...and one apparently must ride the link to YT to watch it. Sorry.
  18. stormsedge

    Crack in Finish—Repair

    My Vintage Reissued V6LB-90 had a paint imperfection when I received it in Jul’20. I kept it, but it has now developed into a crack in the finish. I’m sure it is probably acrylic. Is this a super-glue repair I keep hearing about or some other method? Thoughts?
  19. stormsedge

    NPD x2 (+1) -- Fuzz Bender, Diva and Black Fudge

    I have a new, brighter back down the fuzz rabbit hole I go:thumb:. Somebody tie off the safety line, please...because if I see an interesting OD along the way, I am known to grab those up for no good reason. ((The holidays are the worst for me where pedals are concerned as...
  20. stormsedge

    NGD-Schecter Reaper 6

    I have been chasing price and color on this guitar for over a year. Finally took delivery late yesterday. A Schecter Reaper 6. Ash body, maple/walnut neck, carbon fiber rods in neck. Light. Loud. Purple. And, finally a reverse headstock. I like it.
  21. stormsedge

    Orange Bax Bageetar...SDoD--All Gone

    I see the Bangeetar on SDoD today. Does anyone have experience/thought about it? Thanks.
  22. stormsedge

    Pie for Breakfast

    We had family over this year breaking the two year dry spell. Mrs was so excited. The list of attendees remained in flux up until about the time folks went home yesterday. We ended up with 18 feasters...with food for 25 or more. This AM I had cranberry pie (from three pieces I squirrelled...
  23. stormsedge

    PSA--Supro Delta King 8 Markdown

    I rcvd an email from Supro marking down the Delta King 8s to $329. I'm not in the market, but noticed they have also been marked down on a couple of the big sites. No affiliation.
  24. stormsedge

    PSA--Black Friday Monoprice 15w Tube Amp $212.49

    A great price on a great little amp. No affiliation.
  25. stormsedge

    PSA--Squier CV70s Jaguar at GC

    Saw this early AM on Daily Pick at GC (no affiliation) as I was bouncing around. Not for me as I have a nice offset, but looks a good deal---noting reviews indicate it may take a little extra effort on setup. Daphne blue with tort...Classic Vibe CV70s Jaguar. Enjoy...