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  1. apm1991

    Our drummer playing drums on his cell phone on the radio

    Our band got interviewed at the most popular rock station in Tucson, AZ yesterday. Great time, lot of fun. They asked us to play a song on acoustics. So our drummer brought a little speaker and used his cell phone to play drums. The DJ's absolutely loved it. I thought it was pretty funny Here's...
  2. apm1991

    Harley Benton advice

    Considering buying a Les Paul style Harley Benton... any recommendations, advice, etc? Are they good/reliable enough for live gigs? Here's what I'm looking at, do you know how they compare? Any others you'd recommend?: Harley Benton SC-Custom II Vintage Black...
  3. apm1991

    What amp would you choose to use?

    We have our first show in months, with our new drummer we've been working with the last 4-5 months... (He's so much more committed than our last guy.. we've been rehearsing 3-4 times a week every single week) The show is at a small venue we've played before. Basically a dive bar. I assume 50-60...
  4. apm1991

    Do you name your guitars?

    I'll start... I have not named any of my guitars If you do, share the names. I'd love to hear em'
  5. apm1991

    NGD - D' Angelico Premier Series

    D' Angelico Premier Series DC Boardwalk Semi-Hollow.. came with USA Seymour Duncan p90 pickups.. love this guitar but I do have to admit.. when we have band practice and we're all in a room about 120sq ft, and I turn on the distortion... holy feedback
  6. apm1991

    Hand Drawn lyric video for one of our singles

    Sorry I haven't been on here like I used to be before.. miss you guys, everyone is awesome here.. it's been a very rough year.. but I'm back and I'll keep checking in and learning new stuff from everyone like I have in the past We decided to make a lyric video for our single I wrote a few years...
  7. apm1991

    Looking for opinions on the mix

    Anyone who wants to help me out with an opinion it would be cool... I've got a new recording for an older song of ours... Trying to get some opinions on the mix. Basically are the vocals too loud? Bass too quiet? Drums too quiet? Guitars too loud? Or is it mixed perfectly? etc... the song is 5...
  8. apm1991

    Seismic Audio 1/4in cables?

    Sorry I haven't been on here a lot lately... life has been rough but I'm still thankful everyday anyway, has anyone ever used Seismic Audio 1/4in cables for guitar/amp? I'm looking for cheap backup cables now that we're gigging again. I've used cheap cables before and never had major problems...
  9. apm1991

    Ripped my pants while playing on stage Saturday

    I dance, jump, bend, move around a lot on stage when we perform... so I was dancing, slid down to my knees, at one point my pants just ripped.. I felt it but the show must go on.. continued playing another 25min or so.. people definitely noticed, oh well. I actually take it as a badge of honor...
  10. apm1991

    Played our first show in a year on Saturday! (short video included)

    Man oh man was it fun!!! I missed it so much. I love playing at home, rehearsing with the band etc.. But playing in front of a crowd again brings me more happiness than anything... Our new drummer killed it too, he was a blast. Booked to play 4/24 and then 5/1 in Tombstone.. going to be a fun...
  11. apm1991

    Need your opinion on sound proofing a window

    I just recently purchased my first home... We had our first band practice... one of the neighbors complained... technically I didn't break any laws, it was before 10pm etc. But I want to be respectful... There is this one window that the bass and drums are getting through... the rest of the room...
  12. apm1991

    Another darn pickup swap thread....

    I have a 2020 PRS S2 Custom 24... I like the bridge pickup, but don't love it. Even after making adjustments to tone/amp I find the bridge pickup a bit thin (too much treble) Would like it to be a little more rounded/full I actually really like the neck pickup and don't really want to swap it...
  13. apm1991

    Questions on upgrading a record player

    Can I upgrade a cheap record player to play valuable original records safely? And if so, how? I assume new cartridge, but you guys know more than I do It's one of those 6 in 1 Victrola's
  14. apm1991

    Two new recordings

    These aren't new songs but we did recently record them in the studio... check em out if you'd like.. On "My Blackout Song" we decided to use nylon string guitars the night before we recorded.. $200 acoustic guitar I bought new a few months ago, has not been set up
  15. apm1991

    New Lyric Video from our band FHF

    Ok here it is! The lyric video for our song "Bad Times".... Most songs I write I like to write somewhat comical stories... This one was more serious... I wrote the lyrics after one day I was at a friend's house in 2017 and he wouldn't stop complaining about girlfriend issues, while he knew my...
  16. apm1991

    Here's a fun animated video for one of our original songs

    With all the stress and craziness going on I figured we'd make a fun little video for one of our songs
  17. apm1991

    Guitar Center considering restructuring options, including bankruptcy
  18. apm1991

    FedEx guy came to drop off..... 6 guitar picks

    I just ordered a new guitar from Musician's Friend a couple days ago. In the cart I also added a strap and a pack of 6 Dunlop Flow guitar picks, never tried them before. I figured it would all come together... nope the picks were just dropped off. The rest is supposed to come tomorrow. Guess...
  19. apm1991

    I said I wouldn't buy another guitar for awhile... but.....

    Just ordered this one as the Musician's Friend Deal of the day... I've been wanting a 24 fret Schecter, although with EMG active pickups.. but for 40% off I didn't want to miss my chance...
  20. apm1991

    Nickel Wound vs Pure Nickel Strings.. Which do you prefer?

    $5.49 for Nickel wound vs $8.70 for pure nickel I've always just used nickel wound D'addario XL and never had any issues... I typically change my strings on a guitar once a month. Been less often since I haven't been gigging since March. What do you prefer? Why do you prefer it? Is the extra...
  21. apm1991

    Longest time on back order....

    I ordered a record player from Musician's Friend 5/4.. almost 5 months later... still on back order.. I've already asked them about it four times... I think today will be a fifth time, oh well
  22. apm1991

    JBL vs QSC pa speaker

    Looking to get a 12in powered PA speaker for under $500. Used mainly for just vocals. I've been looking at these two: QSC CP12 12" PA Speaker - on sale for $425 and free bag JBL EON 612 12" PA speaker w/ bluetooth - $450 so far from what I've read I'm leaning toward the QSC, but I'd love to...
  23. apm1991

    Fender offers great customer service

    My Fender Fortis 12in powered PA speaker I bought in 2018 went out (the amp).. Call Fender, it's under a 5 year manufacture warranty. They have me take it to a local music store that they have a Fender guy who goes to. Long story short, Fender guy calls me today. They're keeping the speaker and...
  24. apm1991

    A lot going on in this photo...