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  1. Guy Incognito

    Another "What did I get" thread

    After work today I bought a Morley A/B pedal and after chatting with the guy for a while he asked if I just wanted some of this stuff he wasn't going to use. A Strat pickguard, an empty 1x12 Fender Mustang combo cab and this other thing. I rarely say no to anything free, so I didn't. It...
  2. Guy Incognito

    Because I'm a Dad, feel free to add to it.

    Let's write a reverse "Because I got high" song for all the fun stuff we don't do because people depend on us. Was gonna smoke that cigarette, But I'm a Dad Was gonna drink down half the rent, But I'm a Dad No lazing in the yard, it makes me sad Cause I'm a Dad, Because I'm a Dad, Because I'm...
  3. Guy Incognito

    Band-ervention. How bad is it going to go?

    Warning. TLDR thread. Played our first real show last Saturday with the current version of this band. The current version of this band is mostly made up of pervious members of this band but not all of us have played together. We were just ramping up when the world shut down. All our gigs got...
  4. Guy Incognito

    Scratch removal test.

    Hey All, I have this in another thread but maybe it's worth being it's own thread. A few months ago I bought a guitar I wasn't able to check out in person. The seller told me the guitar had a heavy smoke smell that had prevented other buyers from taking it home. Since I, A. Have a very weak...
  5. Guy Incognito

    NGD 1982 The Paul Deluxe

    Picked up this beauty today. It is original and came with a chainsaw case. It had a lot of pick scratches in the finish on the upper and lower bouts.
  6. Guy Incognito

    Happy Birthday Canada! Let's see some fireworks.

    Please post your fireworks pics!
  7. Guy Incognito

    Never seen that before

    Cruising online I came across an obvious fake. Seller lists it as a rare 1984 American Standard Stratocaster. Fakes aren't anything new but check out the last fret. And they only want $1750 for this almost 40 year old Fender American Standard. A steal of a deal for something so rare.
  8. Guy Incognito

    Anyone else getting Spam from ST today?

    @Lonn First at home and then later at work. Only when using wifi. Doesn't come up when my phone is on data. Does still come up when using works's desktop. I'm not on Rogers or Verizon for my phone. Doesn't happen on any other sites today. Probably happened about 10x on ST so far today. If...
  9. Guy Incognito

    Teasing a Hard Core fan!

    Going to see the Black Crows next week. They're my Buddy's favorite band and I bought him a ticket too back in February and now he says he can't go. I've been calling them the Black Crows. He's been correcting me for hours now. "Crowes". Full disclosure, I did think it was Crows for decades...
  10. Guy Incognito

    Crazy? Yay or Nay?

    Today I traded my Gibson SG Special for this Gibson Les Paul CM. In the deal I got to keep my Gibson SG case to use for another SG I have and they added $500 CAD. My motivation for the trade comes from recently acquiring a Les Paul Custom Lite. I'm really enjoying it's thin body. Makes me...
  11. Guy Incognito

    Twin Reverb Head/Cab conversion.

    Hey All, In an effort to make moving my 75 Twin Reverb a little less sucky I picked up a used premade head enclosure to try to split up the weight. Now I have two slightly less heavy things. Lol. Anyway, will I have to make my own something to fill in the top of the original cabinet or does...
  12. Guy Incognito

    How paranoid should I be?

    I live at the end of a quiet dead end street with no sidewalks. I've been here for 10 years with no issues I'm aware of but the street had someone going through unlocked cars last night. I keep mine locked but my wife did not. The contents of her glove box were all over the front seat but it...
  13. Guy Incognito

    The Honeymoon continues

    Well thanks to advice from some the smarter members on this site I went ahead and bought this guy. 1988 Les Paul Custom Lite with a lifetime of smoke exposure. It was a little smelly to begin with but again ST came through with some solutions for that. I've now had it for over a month and it...
  14. Guy Incognito


    I picked this beauty up a couple weekends ago but haven't had a chance to put it through the paces at practice till today. I've not enjoyed Noiseless pickups in the past but hadn't tried the 3rd generation. They're certainty better than the first generation but still nothing beats a true...
  15. Guy Incognito

    S.T. Where the party's at!!!

    I joined Strat Talk a couple or 3 years ago (as ibdrkn1). I had been on the Tele page (for like....a decade??) and there's a lot of great members there (some of which I assume are also here) and it's a great resource to learn about building and mods. I also recently joined a couple of the other...
  16. Guy Incognito

    30 years of smoke on a Nitro finish???

    Hey All, I'm thinking of buying a late 80's Gibson Les Paul. It's too far for me to check it out in person but the seller has supplied many pics. The seller has said there's a lot of smoke discoloration and although he can't smell it himself (due to a poor sense of smell) there's likely to be...
  17. Guy Incognito

    Taken over?

  18. Guy Incognito

    But...... What is it??

    A few years ago I bought a couple of new Hwy 1/American Special/Performer necks. The Maple board neck I used right away and I've been waiting for something cool to do with the Rosewood. Yesterday I came across an Offset Telecaster (Telemaster) body in Ocean Turquoise and I already had the Gotoh...
  19. Guy Incognito

    Well... I'm positive I won't be leaving the house for at least the next 5 days

    Good thing it's stocked full of guitars.
  20. Guy Incognito

    Endless applications?????? I say "why"? Looks like someone's planning to watch some tasty TV.
  21. Guy Incognito

    What it is or what could be???? That is a question.

    Hey All, I picked up a project guitar. The previous owner (now in his 70's) bought it new in 81. In the following years got into woodworking and decided this guitar (which apparently had a Flame Maple veneer) deserved a solid Flame Maple top. After removing the original top and starting a new...
  22. Guy Incognito

    Lucy's Lil Sister!!!

    Last week I pulled the trigger on another guitar I'm not really a good enough of a player to justify. I wouldn't normally spend this much and this is the most I've ever spent on another unnecessary guitar purchase. I have some inheritance money (not a life changing amount) coming my way at the...
  23. Guy Incognito

    Wiring help please!!

    Hey All, I hope I'm posting in the right forum with this. I'm finally getting around to wiring up a guitar I've had in wiring limbo for almost a couple years now. When I started it I had other plans but I think I know what I want (at least for now). It's a Vista Series Jagmaster and I'm...
  24. Guy Incognito

    Hot Rod Deluxe w/dead drive channel. Will it blow up???

    Hey Experts, I posted this on the other Fender lovers site but thought I'd reach out here as well. Tomorrow I'm going to possibly buy a HR Deluxe (for cheap) because the drive channel is dead. I'm going to go ahead and assume its the typical power supply section for the relays that I've read...