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  1. Stu78

    Some Things Make You Laugh

  2. Stu78

    Gilmour On A Budget

    So I've decided after a couple of weeks of playing with my recently acquired Mexican Standard that the stock pickups are crap. That got me thinking, what pickups to go for? Then I happened across a Gilmour Scratchplate with electrics. Always fancied a different take on a black strat. So a...
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    An Old Friend Returns!

    Just caught up with a friend after a while and he brought round this 2008 Squire CV Telecaster for a bit of TLC. The pictures don't do it justice but it's been reliced the natural way through 14 years of constant play. I'm going to get it back playable again as the frets need a dress, the neck...
  4. Stu78

    For The Jazzers Out There!

    Listening to this band a lot lately, thought I'd share. A bit of Polish Jazz. 🙂
  5. Stu78

    Strat Sunday!

    An afternoons peace with the 3 amigos is a wonderful thing. Nuff said! 🙂
  6. Stu78

    Incoming NGD

    On it's way. A 2012 Mexican Standard. The Player Series doesn't do it for me. Not a fan of the 2 point trem. Looks like a decent RW board so I'm excited, loving the colour of the body as well. 🙂
  7. Stu78

    An Educational Watch

    Cool restoration vid, however aside from the neck not sure the body needed it and going to all that bother to restore screws, string trees etc seemed to be taking it a bit far. 🙂
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    A quiet afternoon to myself to play guitar. Thought I'd give these a try. I've used the regular hybrid slinkys 9-46 forever so I thought I'd pay the couple of £'s more for these and give them a go. Wasn't expecting much but wow! After a good stretch to bed them in I've been ripping the arse out...
  9. Stu78

    Stacking Delays!

    Lunchbreak experiment in stacking delays. I'm not a huge reverb fan and prefer a short delay to my signal instead as I like my sound tight. However I'm now trying to stack my 1985 Arion Anolog delay into my nearly equally as old Boss DD -3. Why? Well my aim is to make my tone more three...
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    The Boy's Got The Chops!

  11. Stu78

    Has Your Playing Been Compared To Someone You Don't Dig?

    Chatting with an old friend his evening, he compared my onstage guitar persona and style to that of Angus Young from AC/DC. I politely thanked him, then cursed under my breath that I hate AC/DC. All respect due, just not my cup of tea, so too speak. Anything similar happen to you good folks? 🙂
  12. Stu78

    Leftie's Who Play Right Handed!

    Duane Allman, Gary Moore, David Byrne, Mark Knopfler, Billy Corgan, Elvis Costello, Johhny Winters, Joe Perry, Steve Morse, Robert Fripp and last but not least Stu78! We are special indeed. 🤣 Anymore I've missed?
  13. Stu78

    Aria Diamond 1970's? Any thought?

    Looking for a new project. Any thoughts, experience or knowledge regarding this? Many thanks in advance as always. 🙂
  14. Stu78

    The Dreaded Fluff.

    Get's everywhere! All my vinyl is cleaned before it even hits the turntable. They are all stored in anti static poly sleeves. I clean my turntable weekly and I still have to suffer the dreaded fluff. Can ruin a good evenings listening, especially when it skips. 😡. Anyway first world problems...
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    Late night listening/playing.

    Bit of late night listening/playing. Keeping myself busy after my dog passed so a fair bit of playing was bashed out on this pair today after a re-string and a fettle. Having a beer now listening to Iron Maiden's Powerslave followed by Miles Davis *****es Brew on vinyl which my partner bought...
  16. Stu78

    My Best Friends Gone!

    Suddenly in my arms this morning. RIP Hattie. ☹
  17. Stu78

    Got My Partscaster Back!

    Well after much putting off, xmas, carpets, vets bills etc I finally got around to getting "The Swede" to my go to tech. I had fitted a new Classic Series 70's neck before xmas but I'll admit I'm no good at the finer details of finishing, i.e. frets and the nut. My man John sorted both issues...
  18. Stu78

    Greco Stratocaster I'm tempted by this 1978 Greco. Know a fair bit about Tokai's and Japanese Fenders of the 80's era but not too much about Greco. Heard their supposedly quite good but as...
  19. Stu78

    The house is burning down, which guitar do you save?

    Well mabye not the house burning but......If you could only have just one guitar, which from your respective collections would it be and why? Here's mine the only guitar I had for a while after separating from my ex wife and was homeless, 18 months sofa surfing. Didn't have much if anything but...
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    Most Underated Guitar Playing Pair.......Ever!!!

  21. Stu78

    BOSS RE 2 Space Echo.

    This looks good?
  22. Stu78

    Anyone Still Buy Vinyl?

    Partner was working from home today which meant no peace and no guitar playing for me. I'm on annual leave and there's is a reason I take a week off from work just for me every year 🤣. Anyway I decided to go for a walk and whilst out stumbled across a new indy record store in my area. Had a...
  23. Stu78

    Well there you go!

    Senior Stratmaster! Never thought I'd achieve such lofty status. 🤣 Anyway still very much enjoying your esteemed company so I'll be around for some time yet.🙂
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    The One's That Got Away

    Moving files from an old hard drive and compiled a load of photos into one file, now marked "The one's that got away". Hadn't realised just how many guitars I've gone thorough in the past 10 years, most of which I could/should have kept. Thought I'd share some! 🙂
  25. Stu78

    Tokai Needs A Twin! Serious GAS!

    Thinking my number one Tokai SS-88 needs a maple necked partner in crime?? Here it's new potential partner, what do you think?