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  1. Elmore1

    He’s Gone

    Great song. Thanks for posting.
  2. Elmore1

    Show us what you're playin' today

    1996 Tex Mex Strat. 500K pots, YJM Fury pickups. Good for country and southern rock.
  3. Elmore1

    Some flamy stuff.

    1987 prehistoric/standard
  4. Elmore1

    Tom Jones vs Tony Bennett

    I gotta go with Tom Jones.
  5. Elmore1

    Over.....looked guitarists.

    Venturing into the jazz world here.
  6. Elmore1

    Flame Top Friday

    My 1987 prehistoric/standard Les Paul.
  7. Elmore1

    What's your choice of acoustic? Let's see yours!

    I bought this about 6 months ago. A new Gibson J-45 standard. I like it very much.
  8. Elmore1

    Your favorite guitarists?

    Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Eric Clapton Eddie Van Halen Dickie Betts Johnny Hiland Duane Allman Chet Atkins Eric Johnson Randy Rhoads
  9. Elmore1

    When do you become a "cork sniffer"?

    When the gear itself becomes more important to you than the playing.
  10. Elmore1

    NGD again (Les Paul)

  11. Elmore1

    How 'Bout Them Tele Slingers...

    Skip to 3:28 on this one.
  12. Elmore1

    What was your first electric?

    A 1970 routed Les Paul Deluxe. I cut a lot of yards, and my dad helped me. I still have it and that rectangular case. Great guitar.
  13. Elmore1

    Peace and Love

    Nice performance! Thanks, I really needed that this morning. Good on you.
  14. Elmore1

    Final Opinions on the YJM Fury Pickups, Please!

    Bringing back this old thread because I just installed a set of these with 500K pots. I play a lot of southern rock and country, and these are tremendous. Out of my Twin Reverb clean or with my Turbo Tube Screamer, they deliver the goods in a pronounced yet articulate way. Highly recommended.
  15. Elmore1

    A little Clapton for your Monday...

    Thanks for posting this. I can always listen to EC play the blues. Check out this one.
  16. Elmore1

    I am done with the mods

    Very cool.
  17. Elmore1

    I don’t get the Jr. thing

    For me, looks come into play. It does look cool to have just one pickup. But sound? I cannot hear a difference with a two pickup guitar. And originally the junior was a budget guitar. It is cheaper to make a guitar with one pickup. I remember playing a one pickup late fifties junior that just...
  18. Elmore1

    NGD & a poll- To mod or not mod a MIM Strat

    Buy another body that is the same color. Or do what I did and put in those Duncan YJM stacked strat pickups. Really the bridge is all you need.
  19. Elmore1

    Johnny Depp living his best life jamming out with Jeff Beck last night.

    Music = really good medicine than can heal your soul.

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