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    NGD - 2000 MIM Standard Strat

    Picked up a new project the other day. 2000 MIM Standard Strat. Pulled it apart immediately…
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    Daphne Squier Bullet project

    Hey guys, I bought this guitar about two years ago in a pawnshop for $40... I played around with different pickguards and swapping the neck onto other projects and such for a while and decided to come back to it from stock again.. I decided to attempt to make it a little more old school.... 70's...
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    Strat Vintage Style Pickup Pricepoints List

    Alright guys, I have a discussion that I was hoping to see happen... I want suggestions for vintage to moderate style pickups... The catch is that I see people making expensive suggestions all the time and arguing specs and all that... SO I'd like to keep it simple... Please also mention the...

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