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    My opinion on mixing sound for bands wearing shorts

    It was laughing with me, not at me.
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    My opinion on mixing sound for bands wearing shorts

    Aw man! I want something pointless to complain about too
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    Home players - how many do you have?

    Too many and not enough yamaha sg800 yamaha sbg500 yamaha sbg200 peavy t60 peavy predator x2 MIM strat x2 Bullet squier strat washburn 12 string squier tele peavy tele kay acoustic embassy v bass johnson acoustic electric martin acoustic washburn hb35 17? I don't think im missing anything
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    Am I the a*hole here? No communication about guitar build delays

    That lack of communication is not a good way to run business. I follow up and touch base with customers all the time who have backordered parts. I just got an engine in that I've been waiting for since February. Even with no updates from GM, I still make it a point to contact the customer to...
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    Seriously, how much for the Haynes Stratocaster manual???

    And to think some people just dive in and start screwing with stuff with zero plan whatsoever. I'm some people
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    Poll: Led Zeppelin vs. Rush?

    +1 for zepp just because. But I doubt anyone cares about my opinion. Hell, I don't even care about my opinion. Why are we comparing completely different bands anyways? Nothing matters
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    Still the guitar you bought?

    You're over thinking. Is it the same guitar when you change the strings? What about tuners? Pickguard? Knobs? It's a highway one with different pickups. I call my peavys strats though. Words are just words, people know what you mean. I guess people think they can change the way they present...
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    Like a high end guitar…all cigars are not equal 😏

    Ah yes. Sometimes the internet is entertaining
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    My number one Strat on a new BEAST amp

    Sounds spectacular!
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    Buddy vs Bud

    I know someone who only uses bud in a friendly way. "No problem bud" I always thought saying buddy or bud was weird. You ain't my buddy
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    Incoming NGD

    Awesome, I love my midnight wine strat. hngd!
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    Raising the middle pickup on a Stratocaster… a tonal discovery!

    I know what you mean, I've been using the middle lately for no reason other than it sounds better than I remember. I think a lot of it is placebo, every time I change something I think I hear a difference lol
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    Backstreet Boys…. I gotta say

    Sounds like a good time!
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    Is one's guitar collection truly complete without

    I think they're ugly but the definitely play and sound great!
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    How many of you click the ads at the bottom?

    You know ads are personalized based on your browser history, right? lol
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    Chapman “super strat”

    The one's I've played have been decent. I've played one ml3 (tele) that was really nice. The standard series are good beginner guitars. Can't really go wrong with guitars from that factory these days, they're all pretty good. The pro series is made in South Korea, I haven't had the chance to...
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    I just broke a tuning machine screw... please help!

    Get a tiny screw extractor. Grabit Micro sells one, I've had good luck using them for small screws.
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    Thinking it’s time to hang it up

    If you can go 6 months without feeling the need to pick one up, sell them. I guarantee you'll get the itch before then. This is exactly why I take breaks that sometimes last up to a few weeks.
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    Would you rather have a Ferrari or Kurt Cobain's Mustang?

    I'd rather have a clapped out old honda with a big chinese ching chong boostie boy that spins past ferraris at 120+
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    Would You Buy A Laptop From Amazon?

    I bought my pc from amazon in 2015
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    Drop in replacement tuners for 2000 Mexican Standard Strat

    If they have screws on the heads of they keys loosen or tighten as needed first, just to be sure.
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    I Think I Am Done

    I haven't read the whole thread, only OPs first post. Giving up is for losers. Don't be a loser
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    I saw John Mayer Sunday

    I figured some of you would appreciate this. I really didn't expect the cell phone audio to turn out this good. The whole show was fantastic.