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  1. AncientAx

    NGD + Is this Ocean Turquoise?

    My old MIJ e-serial Squier that is ocean turquoise.
  2. AncientAx

    My latest project almost completed.

    Nice work !
  3. AncientAx

    Shedding LBS.

    Back when I was roofing , by the end of the summer I would have to take two steps before my pants leg moved ........
  4. AncientAx

    Don’t have any tattoos, and don’t want any.

    The tattoo doesn’t even register on the list of dumb things that I’ve done and have regrets about !
  5. AncientAx

    Don’t have any tattoos, and don’t want any.

    Some dumb teenagers , 3 needles with thread wrapped around them and some India ink , a bag of weed and a bong and you are marked for life .......
  6. AncientAx

    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    Just another chore on the list .....
  7. AncientAx

    Is your guitar better playing when it's wet?

    Mine plays better when someone who can actually play is playing it .......
  8. AncientAx

    A bit of Southern Fried on a Saturday

  9. AncientAx

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    Hank Williams has some serious ranking .
  10. AncientAx

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

  11. AncientAx

    What do y’all think this switch does?

    Tone dispenser switch
  12. AncientAx

    Entering the 6th layer of hell today.

    I always go about about 45 minutes before they close . Amazing how fast they start moving and how many stations open up when it’s almost time to get off .....
  13. AncientAx

    Getting new fuel tank today

    Nice car !
  14. AncientAx

    NFL 2022

    Can’t be any worse than last year .... The Ravens were decimated with injuries ....
  15. AncientAx

    Writing lyrics for the first time

    Dad responsibilities always come first !
  16. AncientAx


    That was nice !
  17. AncientAx

    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    No Quarter - LZ. Nice job !
  18. AncientAx

    Wall hanger

    Neat little gift from my wife .
  19. AncientAx

    R,I.P. Olivia Newton John

    Rest easy pretty lady .
  20. AncientAx

    Goober filter

    The only Goober that matters !
  21. AncientAx

    Why is mustard more popular and appealing than ketchup on a hot dog ?

    Actually here in Maryland we had a guy that was killing prostitutes and had stand set up and was cooking their meat and selling sandwiches... I passed by him plenty of times picking up material for work as he was set up by the supply house . Thank God I wasn’t hungry the times I passed by his...
  22. AncientAx

    Barricades of heaven

    Great song !