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  1. jvin248

    SX Tele Pick Guard ideas?

    . MOP or Tort! eBay/Amazon have pickguard sellers in the $12 range for more colors than you can imagine. Order two or three and change them out from time to time. Other option is hardware store contact shelf paper put down and trimmed with a razor blade. I've seen some rattle can spray...
  2. jvin248

    When did pre CBS Strats start to gain value?

    Remember that back then those were fifteen to twenty year old guitars. Just someone's old starter guitar at that point. Same opinions as buying a 2002 to 2007 worn and rusted out Chevy Malibu or Ford Taurus is today. .
  3. jvin248

    Are your pickups too high?

    . I start with pickups flush to the pickguard/trim rings and only raise them, by ear... I use a screwdriver to actually adjust them, thumbs involved too ;) .
  4. jvin248

    Oly white +20 years

    What an kind of windows do you have (some have films and coatings to knock down UV gain) and has it been in a sun facing window or shaded side of the house? .
  5. jvin248

    Basic Delay, Reverb and Overdrive Recommendations

    . I see you made your plan ... but I'd suggest mining this youtube channel for 'affordaboard' pedals. You'll find some future options or even current replacements for orders you may not have clicked finish on ... .
  6. jvin248

    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    Goats tear down fences and prefer to eat the shrubbery than the grass. If you want aristocratic lawns, use sheep to clip them short. Sadly, more acres of lawn grass are cultivated in the US than acres of farms growing food. Home owner use of chemicals themselves or via landscaping companies...
  7. jvin248

    Reverend Double Agent OG

    . Not owned yet but tried them out at local gear shows. On my short list. Solid builds and timeless designs that are enough different than others that you are not seen as 'playing yet another boring copy of xyz'. You'll find the Reverend you choose will not be 'temporary', you'll keep it for a...
  8. jvin248

    Tell me about Fat necks

    . I get cramps in my hand playing skinny necks, so I seek out chunky carves, the chunkier the better. Interesting twist: Squier Strats, while having very close width and depth of reported carve measurements as MIM/MIA ... they have a lot more wood carved off the rear shoulders and feel skinny...
  9. jvin248

    Calling All Guitar Adjusters: What was your game changer?

    . Game changer for me was building a Vinson fret leveling jig to level frets. It puts the neck in simulated string tension. The neck bends differently than most assume. $25 beater and abused guitars can be made to play like Custom Shop or better. I've used flat files, granite leveling beams...
  10. jvin248

    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    . Just wait. You are moments away from digging out that boss metal zone. You know you are ;) Rock on. .
  11. jvin248

    Looks like tech used steel wool?

    . When you use a strong magnet to 'charge' the alnico then using a strong magnet to suck away the steel wool chips can do the same thing... I'm continually baffled why any techs or guitar owners continue to use steel wool around guitars, and some defend the practice (using tape covers). The...
  12. jvin248

    Create Your Signature Pedal

    . Double-Like on that Karen KA-1 ! The feature controls are funny too. .
  13. jvin248

    Ragweed season

    . I thought a lot of my allergies came from the seasons, until I figured out it was the car AC system. Molds growing in there, often damp and always dark behind the dash and in spite of filter changes too. A problem even when the AC was not running, but the AC created the environment. At the...
  14. jvin248

    PSA - be warned my English cousins

    . "Me own mudder won't let me go to the pub!" .
  15. jvin248

    Strat was run over by a car

    . That is a very common event through the decades. You'll be glad you didn't have a Gibson as you'd have a two piece headstock from just the landing, more from the run over part! Remove any floating chips but the rest get 'Thin CA' at Hobby Lobby/etc. 'Thin CA' is a type, not you thinning it...
  16. jvin248

    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    . You forget that companies build product brands for different consumer wallets. The MIA logo on a US Strat is the price difference over a MIM logo, about a $500 fee for the branding. Fender vs Squier labeling is about a $1,000 upcharge. Gibson vs Epiphone labeling is about a $2,000 upcharge...
  17. jvin248

    Fender Strat QC ? American Original series

    The gap is where the tones come from -- wider gap means more tones! .
  18. jvin248

    Tattoo of a Tattooed Tween Getting Tattoos of the Bands Tattoo and Ween on Tattooine

    . When I was a kid my father told me WWII stories of tattooed prisoners getting skinned to make lampshades for some general's wife. While I thought it was all a story, and it did partially made me remain inkless where now I'm as old as he was then, a few years ago I looked it up and apparently...
  19. jvin248

    Why no love for ceramics?

    . Ceramic magnets are stronger than Alnico, so if a player uses some 'spec' they found somewhere to set pickup height rather than their ears, then the ceramic pickup will sound different than the alnico. If a player uses their ears to set pickup height (generally lower) on the ceramic pickup...
  20. jvin248

    Chapman “super strat”

    . They were made in the same MIK factory as Shecter, PRS SE, ESP LTD, and a few other brands ... Which is why all the comments about them being comparable to those brands. Since most of the brands fled to Indonesia for lower wages, these guitars may be made in the same or different factories...
  21. jvin248

    Does anyone know what tremolo blocks are coated with?

    However, the best tone is from the more elusive fairy tears and unicorn dust mixture. And dabbing it on the part with moss found in awkward caves. I hear Rust-Oleum has a handy starter kit though. .
  22. jvin248

    Need a hack

    . Lockpicking Lawyer has a video.
  23. jvin248

    BOSS guitar pickups?

    . That there is one of those famous five string guitars. Was it listed with a note that the buyer can find a string easy and cheap? I've bought a few of those five string starter models. A curiosity fulfilling purchase is good medicine every now and then. I've seen pickups like that. If you...
  24. jvin248

    BATGIRL - was anyone here at the test-screenings?

    Well, it did fall down the pit, pulling Gandalf with it after he broke the bridge. If with wings, what would Gandalf gain by breaking the bridge? .
  25. jvin248

    Shellac as headstock finish coat over decal?

    . Shellac is made from insect bodies dissolved in alcohol. About as environmentally organic as you can get. Look up French Polish and you'll see it was and is used for fine finishing. There's a particularly good demonstration on YouTube by a piano refinisher for all the ins/outs of getting a...