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  1. StratMike10

    The One I Love, R.E.M. 1987

    This is such a beautiful interpretation Rene, I love the original but yours gripped my heart.
  2. StratMike10

    Why is Pink Floyd more popular and appealing than Rush?

    For me it’s always been a tossup between Rush’s Dark Side of the Moon and Pink Floyd’s 2112.
  3. StratMike10

    Are you still with the mother/father of your first child?

    First wife lasted 13 years, started great, 2 kids, but things went sideways. Second time a charm, happily married for 24 years now and until death do us apart. To those of you who made it right the first time, I tip my hat, and I say you are so fortunate to remain innocent from the fallout of...
  4. StratMike10

    Long vs. Short Scale

    True, you’ll need to tweak action and intonation as well.
  5. StratMike10

    Isn't there a better term than "luthier" to describe modern guitar makers?

    All in the same way that luthier means someone who builds guitars... it's not about the etymology but about the convention.
  6. StratMike10

    Isn't there a better term than "luthier" to describe modern guitar makers?

    I'm an engineer and my work has nothing to do with engines. The term architect means "chief builder" however an architect today is neither a chief nor a builder, but a designer of buildings. The word doctor means "teacher". Times change and so do conventions and the meaning of words.
  7. StratMike10

    Only Time Will Tell - Asia

    Really well played Ralph, loving this guitar.
  8. StratMike10

    I got told to go F myself today

    Maybe he meant it in a nice way
  9. StratMike10

    Mandschurian Beat. Old instrumental rock from the 60's.

    Man your playing... phenomenal, nothing less.
  10. StratMike10

    Sailing, Christopher Cross 1980

    Better than the original to my ears! Beautiful work Rene.
  11. StratMike10

    Stone is Crying !

    You rock Mike! I loved this, well done man, loving your playing! looking forward to war pigs!
  12. StratMike10

    Eulogy - Tool

    Ah man, the gift that keeps giving. Get better soon! i didn’t hear any mistakes, just some great playing. but I do know the feeling of not being quite there yet... Been a while since the last time I felt ready enough to hit the record button. A state of mind that can easily become a self...
  13. StratMike10

    Eulogy - Tool

    Ralph this is great! How long have you been back? That's a lot of material to learn well in a short time regardless of how familiar you are with the song. Such great tone, well done man.
  14. StratMike10

    My opinion on mixing sound for bands wearing shorts

    If a band is killing it, I could care less whether they are wearing suits, spandexes, dragon jumpsuits, or socks. I’m there for the music, not a fashion show.
  15. StratMike10

    Pantera Reunion

    Although Zakk can play anything he wants to play, even on a blind test that video has Zakk written all over it. Makes it kind of obvious how something as seemingly subtle as a vibrato will have the signature of the player all over it. Dimebag was as much an incredible guitar player as he was...
  16. StratMike10

    Looking for a hawk (today’s office)

    That's up there where California starts to look like Oregon, so amazingly beautiful, that neighborhood of yours.
  17. StratMike10

    Bastille Day - Rush

    If they say anything, break it to them gently: “‎Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, eating brownies and observing as far as my eye can see while playing this old guitar."
  18. StratMike10

    I need a friendly ear for some quality control

    Have I ever let you down ok, you don’t need to answer, just send me the damn song.
  19. StratMike10

    New study shows people under 40 years old should not drink alcohol (no health benefits, only risks)

    For the Mayans it was forbidden to drink alcohol until the age of 70, after that you were allowed to drink all you want.
  20. StratMike10

    Bastille Day - Rush

    This is great! Killer sounds out of that guitar Ralph, totally dialed in. Very Lifeson-like, especially at 2:20 Well done man... have a great trip!
  21. StratMike10

    Webb Telescope first images

    the first stars formed about 100 million years after the Big Bang, the universe was already pretty big by then. We would see those stars spread all over the sky. The furthest thing we are able to see is the microwave background radiation, from when the universe became transparent about 300,000...
  22. StratMike10

    Highway Star (complete with tab)

    That was excellent! Great work man!