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  1. hecubus

    Why is Creed don't have wide appeal to rock n roll fans like Nirvana?

    As far as Creed, I think the movie is better than the band.
  2. hecubus

    NPD: Strymon El Capistan

    Can't wait to see your review.
  3. hecubus

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    The "SW" in the pic stands for Switch. It is the hot signal.
  4. hecubus

    Does my strat NEED a F-Spaced bridge humbucker?

    One advantage of f-spaced is that they also have short legs. Some regular spaced humbuckers have long legs that fit in a Les Paul but are too tall for a strat cavity. Since you are building yourself, this shouldn't make much difference.
  5. hecubus

    Your Rock Star Name.

    Plaid Quesadilla!
  6. hecubus

    Help: Seymour Duncan SH4 JB on Strat

    The JB with a 250K pot (like what is already in your strat) will work great. Seymour developed it for Jeff Beck to use in this exact application. It is hot, but that does not mean it is a "metal" pick up. It is very versatile and can fit in with most genres of music. In a band, it will help...
  7. hecubus

    How do classic series 70s strats sound???

    Probably something like this:
  8. hecubus

    One word song title transference

    Night Moves- Bob Seger
  9. hecubus

    One word song title transference

    Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers
  10. hecubus

    Fuzz face question

    That is just how that pedal is designed. I had the big version and it did the same thing. With a few exceptions, silicon fuzz pedals are not known for cleaning up when rolling the volume down. However, the Fuzz knob on that pedal was useful.
  11. hecubus

    Another "I need a fuzz pedal thread"

    Most of your wanted characteristics describe a Germanium Fuzz. If the Sunface is too expensive, try the Fulltone '69 as suggested or a MJM London Fuzz.
  12. hecubus

    Drop in replacement tuners for 2000 Mexican Standard Strat

    I never knew that. Please elaborate, if you don't mind. How does this work with sealed tuners?
  13. hecubus

    Tonebender style fuzz pedal?

    Solid Gold FX Rosie is my favorite for a semi-affordable tone bender(about $120 used). I sold the EQD Tone Reaper after I got it. It is more of a singing fuzz than a splatty fuzz if that makes sense.
  14. hecubus

    Mids Boosting A Big Muff Pi fuzz?

    Yes. Works great (but different) before and after.
  15. hecubus

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    Ironically, that is the "problem" with poly. Some want their guitar to "age" to look like the relics coming out of the custom shop or that picture of their favorite guitarist with his #1. It just can't happen with poly because it does its job too well. Guitarists are such a weird group. Can...
  16. hecubus

    Vintage strat copy by jaguar, Lots of talk about these back in 2011, there's a lot of history to this old copy.

    And here I was thinking, "What could be that interesting about a strap?'
  17. hecubus

    Best Distortion pedal

    MI Crunch Box sounds good in front of any amp. It is a classic for a reason.
  18. hecubus

    Down Tuning vs. String Gauge

    • Would I get the same positive results if I just switched from 10s to 9s but kept it in standard pitch? NO. The main positive result from tuning down a half step is that your singer can sing a half step lower. Changing to 9s does nothing for this. Bends on 9s are easier, but I find them to feel...
  19. hecubus

    Effects dilemma

    SD-1, Carbon Copy, POG (or MXR reverb).
  20. hecubus

    Warmoth Modern Neck on Fender Body

    Use a shorter screw.
  21. hecubus

    Terms with no real meaning “Mid-Scooped”

    Wow. I can't believe I am the first to call this out as an April Fool's joke! If I am wrong, I don't mean to be insulting but mid-scooped is rather self-explanatory. If I am correct, well played and Happy April 1st!
  22. hecubus

    SSL-1 Vs SSL-2 Vs ???

    Totally a preference thing and mostly visual. I have SSL-1s on my 10-16' neck and they sound great.
  23. hecubus

    Yay or nay? Custom SG!

    Cool...if you are 11 years 1988.