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    Don’t have any tattoos, and don’t want any.

    Just a couple modest ink tats & an ear piercing. Just an observation, nobody really ages well, some better than others. I realize I won't leave a pristine cadaver/corpse in the end. So I might as well live a fuller life without becoming an ink & piercing addict. Boxes to check off for bucket...
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    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    Mine can get by for another week, 1/4 acre lot (80x125 ft, 10K sq ft), so it's that less the dwelling & concrete. It's Bahia grass = FL, USA I-95 highway weeds. Season is another month or so until I don't have to mow & trim until Spring. That's what we do as humans, rearrange dirt & groom the...
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    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    It's a relatively random bucket list in my case. A cheap instrument here & there, an amp or a pedal too.
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    Strat was run over by a car

    You could always do a testimonial for Fender Strat build quality & durability, if they would spot you a newly finished Strat body in Silver.
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    Last day of my 50s

    Just a word of caution, no CBD or anything that might be legal in one place vs illegal in another for this international travel. And that's regardless of a Doctor's Rx.
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    Adding weight to balance the guitar?

    Well 5 lbs 14 oz to 6 lbs 8 oz is adding 10 oz. Is there enough room in the routing to put a screw thru a lead fishing weight attaching a single 10 oz or some combination of weights in several locations ? The screw would prevent it from shifting around.
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    PSA - be warned my English cousins

    Pretty disappointing read and not a good look for the establishment.
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    My baby.

    Sounds like you custom shopped your own to be more versatile from the standard issue mass produced instrument. Resolved what you didn't like about a new one. Looks good across the board and it just keeps playing.
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    Looks like tech used steel wool?

    Has anyone ever tried fret polishing with steel wool, only that somehow using a magnet as part of the steel wool pad would magnetize the steel wool so that the hairs wouldn't come apart and end up on the pickups ?
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    All Along the Watchtower

    For some reason, I seem to be drawn & mesmerized to Jess Greenberg's acoustic cover.
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    Looks like tech used steel wool?

    For the rusty Bullet pickups I had I used a Q-tip sprayed with WD-40 and dabbed the pole pieces. That dissolved the rust and then with my fingers, pinched and lifted that off the chunk of rust away The trick was to get the Q-tip head just moist enough to penetrate & dissolve the rust. Nothing I...
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    Show us your Basses

    Had I not found the Jackson for sale or something similar, I was considering a Basswood Monoprice Bass They have 34 scale P-Bass & Jazz Bass, as well as a 28.6 3/4 traveler for $ 149.99. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when the Jackson was out there for $ 100 and about 30 miles away. I passed...
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    Why is @Ebidis More Popular and Appealing than Me ?

    Is this like a Charles Barkley man crush thing with Tom Brady ?
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    Strat was run over by a car

    Strip & refinish for that much damage, it's almost at that point where you could just buy another finished body though & swap parts. Refinish and you can keep or resell it to defray the cost of a newer body if that's the direction you want to go with it. A new finished Strat body is $ 249.99...
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    AMP output question

    I've always found that there are several volume control knobs that you can tame any amp with. The guitar (Strat) has one on the pickguard. The amp itself, may have both master & a 2nd volume knob, the pedal(s) may have several volume, gain & level knobs as well. Has to be some combination of...
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    Show us your Basses

    2019 Jackson JS1XM 28.6 Short Scale, EXL-170S (45-65-80-100). My newest toy is a Hotone Thnuder Bass 5W amp head. I think I'm good for amp & cab, I can always run the Hotone into a more powerful amp bypassing the Hotone's power section & using another amp's power. The Hotone is a 18V DC preamp...
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    Show us what you're playin' today

    Since Saturday afternoon, I've been discovering the versatility & possibilities of a Hotone Thunder Bass NLA4 5W amp. It's actually quite amazing, inspired by an Ampeg SVT Blueline, it's got that classic Ampeg tone. It functions as a 5W amp on it's own. But the Send/Return Loop, using the Send...
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    How many of you have bought up from another strat?

    2 Strats. Strat #1: 2005 Squier Bullet SSS HT, needed a neck pocket shim and that's the extent of any modding, to get better action string height. Strat #2: 2016 Squier Affinity SSS Trem, didn't really need a new solid steel Trem block. a 3 ply mint green pickguard or much of anything really...
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    Broken volume knob

    If a new guitar, it's under warranty for 2 years by Fender.
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    Why no love for ceramics?

    Outside of the acoustic electric having a Piezo under bridge pickup, All 7 of the solid body electrics have are ceramic single coil pickups, including the bass guitar. I live with them because they still work and DCR to what they were as a new. Maybe some day I chase Alnico pickups.
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    RIP TC

    Anne Hecht also was in an accident. Mini Cooper crashed at a high rate of speed and into a house, burst into flames. she survived that, but for how long ?
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    Why is mustard more popular and appealing than ketchup on a hot dog ?

    Ketchup, mustard, it's all the same. I do know Heinz 57, even BBQ sauce for French Fries > Ketchup or Mustard. This stuff is addictive for burgers, fries & corn dogs. Anything with Saurkraut needs mustard on it though.
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    Just a couple of my favorites.
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    Guitar player wants a bass (short scale topic)

    I went with a Jackson JS1XM 28.6 Short Scale $ 100 Preowned. Other than that I was going to give a Monoprice Mini 3/4 scale and those are about $ 150. Why, was more about staying under $ 200...