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  1. WightTrashMan


    Nice one that. I almost didn’t click on it as my first thought upon seeing ‘Jethro’ was a old stand up comedian. Then I thought it can’t be that, not on this site. ’round our way we usually just say Tull if we’re shortening the name.
  2. WightTrashMan

    The Human Condition - how things make us feel

    Have to agree with quite a few of the replies here, for me you just can’t beat being out in the countryside. There’s nothing more beautiful except perhaps your own small child or grandchild. So enjoying a lovely day with my little boy whilst rambling on the tracks and byways is simply heaven to me.
  3. WightTrashMan

    Wacky stuff in your jam space.

    That’s cool.
  4. WightTrashMan

    Strat talk and rap/hip hop

    Class! I likee.
  5. WightTrashMan

    New knobs…massive tone increase!

    Love it! I think I’d like a meat and 2 veg for mine or maybe a cheese, considering my playing.
  6. WightTrashMan

    Absolutely annoying.

    Ain’t that the truth Ruth.
  7. WightTrashMan

    What is the importance of color to you?

    Black, white, pink, blue, orange, yellow, brown, you name it. Only skin deep and as long as it isn’t a Strat with one of those stoopid massive headstocks I’m in. Unless it’s Antigua lol.
  8. WightTrashMan

    Who knows what color this is

    It’s white, alright??
  9. WightTrashMan

    I need more Strats

    Hmm nice sofa lol and the extreme left and right gitrs ain’t bad either drool.
  10. WightTrashMan

    Mods vs Rockers. Where do you stand!

    Same. You, me AND John Lennon.
  11. WightTrashMan

    Bottle or can ?

    Bottle is my preference although in a bar it’s usually ‘a yard of your finest ale my good man’ whereupon I’m immediately told to ‘get out’.
  12. WightTrashMan

    Mad Magazine

    Yeah! Spy Vs Spy!
  13. WightTrashMan

    Earth - Round or Flat?

    In conjunction with the moon, it’s the Arse in Space.
  14. WightTrashMan

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    Zardoz, Brazil, Man Bites Dog, Bad Biology, Eraserhead, Fantastic Planet, Heavy Metal, Sliver,A Field in England, Bad Boy Bubby “ me not Bubby no more- me Pops now “ lol. Some of my favourite weirdness.
  15. WightTrashMan

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    Feed. Another sickie from down under. Lol
  16. WightTrashMan

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    Anyone here seen Bad Boy Bubby? Don’t watch it with yer mother, lol.
  17. WightTrashMan

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    I think that one’s called Brain Dead over here. “I kick ass for the Lord “
  18. WightTrashMan

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    There’s some good stuff here. My choice would probably have to be Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker.
  19. WightTrashMan

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    Great low budget shocker- he’s still out there at the end. Henry has his own code and set of morals. Psycho rating- 9/10 chainsaws. Love Micheal Rooker too.
  20. WightTrashMan

    Why are you here? What is your motivation?

    I’m here because I’m here because I’m here because I’m here. Everybody has to be somewhere.
  21. WightTrashMan

    Unpopular Albums That You Actually Like

    Did I watch too much TV?
  22. WightTrashMan

    My first Stratocaster guitar hero ...

    Hendrix. Gallagher. Gilmour. SRV. But I was really a Tele guy for the first 15 years of playing guitar, until I seriously got into Jimi around ’92 after reading an excellent biography on him and bought my first Strat soon after.