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    Science-y stuff

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    View from the butcher block

    My first glimpse was a forest of antlers.. (Still in velvet) What the heck... They'll be wrecking small trees scraping that off before the Rutt...
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    View from the butcher block

    Was cutting dinner last evening about sunset... Out the window In Mrs lower garden 4 bucks Grabbed the Samsung Limped out To the wall overlooking... Sun was in my eyes, so I just pointed the camera 4 Grand black tails This video doesn't do them justice...
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    Ever been on a Navy ship?
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    Sail Palm Mostly used by Naval Boatswain mates(Deck Apes) I've had that one since October 1957
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    Reverend Double Agent OG

    What in particular draws you there?
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    I wonder if this is true.

    Almost anything can be part true...
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    Don’t have any tattoos, and don’t want any.

    I've a few.... Jailhouse ink Telling the sad story of Youthful angst Youthful ignorance... And Time on my hands
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    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    The Hen Turkeys that come by daily Love the clippings "Salad"
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    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    I'm goin with No such thing As Greatest...
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    Good time To get misty About the old days When people made Music
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    HNAD Pro Junior IV

    Forgive me.... What is it?
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    Really Like that Wood Look
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    He’s Gone

    No He's NOT
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    Whole lotta Sumptin

    Or Any day N Night
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    Entering the 6th layer of hell today.

    For what???¿?
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    Proper use of vowels

    OK Vanna
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    Autogenous Pressurization

    Spacex's trick words for August 12, 2022
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    Update on my YouTube channel

    New Musik plus?
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    Update on my YouTube channel

    Was wholly unaware
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    Bluetooth earbuds?

    Wow Thanks guys