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  1. crankmeister

    PSA in case anyone gives a rat's tail. fuksman is now Della Street

    It’s way harder to remember that Della Street needs help holding his Strat, though. I’m bummed.
  2. crankmeister

    Tame Impala - Live from Wave House

    They’re one of the best things to happen to pop music in the last decade+. After Lonerism they kinda pulled a Radiohead and overhauled the sound. Currents pulled off that neo-bubble gum synth pop sound really well, and they just keep going.
  3. crankmeister

    NGD + Is this Ocean Turquoise?

    I’m curious what the color looks like under the pickguard.
  4. crankmeister

    Norah Jones does Ripple for Jerry's 80th...

    It’s safe. The audio isn’t great, and you have to listen to a bunch of twits clapping along. But Norah’s great if you like Norah.
  5. crankmeister

    Artificial “Relic” and “Roadworn” guitars.

    It doesn’t. (Technically, that’s not an accurate description anyway.) But it does have to do with people inventing conditions that don’t actually exist. A stretch maybe. But that’s what I thought of, and maybe we all learned something today. And, it’s an odd thread. Unfortunately a...
  6. crankmeister

    Artificial “Relic” and “Roadworn” guitars.

    They’re all obscure mental ailments that only exist in the eyes of the ones who actually have the problem.
  7. crankmeister

    Recommendations on where to get my Stratocaster refinished

    Easiest to just get another guitar
  8. crankmeister

    Artificial “Relic” and “Roadworn” guitars.

    File it alongside drapetomania and neuresthenia
  9. crankmeister

    I can really get interested in Strat Talk when I need to be shedding.

    That’s an interesting concept show. Keep playing different, evolving versions of the same song. Call it market research.
  10. crankmeister

    I wonder if this is true.

    Wait. So how do you annoy a guitarist?
  11. crankmeister

    Another new guitar (Don’t tell the wife!)

    I promise I will not tell your wife
  12. crankmeister

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    Maybe you need a new label/contract?
  13. crankmeister

    Fender American Original '60s Finish

    For the price of an AO, my unofficial rule would be that if anything about looks/feels as if I did the job, then return it. (I do not have the steadiest hand)
  14. crankmeister

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    John S. Hall aka King Missile writes a lot of interesting stuff. Does it have to have mass appeal to count?
  15. crankmeister

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    McCartney ain’t American
  16. crankmeister

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    I’m cool with the greats, or the prolifics, but not with ranking them. Maybe I missed it, but it seems like nobody has mentioned Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell or Tom Petty yet. And there are some “younger” artists who I think someday could populate the list too — Jack White, Gary Clark Jr, etc...
  17. crankmeister

    Wasn’t expecting this (new build starting)

    So if it’s not contoured then I’m free to shave off some excess weight/girth? 1/8” or thereabouts? (I assume that “contoured” means the tummy cut. If I’m wrong, please set me straight.) Would I need to steer clear of the neck pocket. You know, so I don’t end up with neck plate screws that...
  18. crankmeister

    Wasn’t expecting this (new build starting)

    Great question. Nope, not contoured.
  19. crankmeister

    Wasn’t expecting this (new build starting)

    Just got an unfinished Telemaster body today. Solid ash. 1.75” thick. 7.2 lbs. It is a heavy 7 lbs. Is it worth sanding, say, 1/8” off the back? Any particular risks involved with that? I never noticed how much bigger the offset body is compared to a Telecaster. (The basswood Tele...
  20. crankmeister


    As a dabbler in bass, piano and music theory, I enjoyed this lesson and I hope you do too.
  21. crankmeister

    We could play ska punk!!!

    Lol. I want to hear a demo. I can’t imagine myself confusing guitar + electric kazoo for ska.
  22. crankmeister

    We could play ska punk!!!

    You need a kazoo for that?
  23. crankmeister

    Vintage V6SSB

    $275-300 would be fair. Honestly, I’d be bummed to sell it for $275. I’ve never had a Vintage Reissue Strat, but I’ve had two of their Teles (still have the second) and they are really great, definitely on par with a MIM Fender save for the lacking resale value.
  24. crankmeister

    Tell me about Fat necks

    Fat necks make me look skinnier
  25. crankmeister

    Autogenous Pressurization

    Actual rocket science. Cool. What’s it to do with SpaceX trickery?