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  1. nadzab

    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    Had to do it today, about 1 acre of lawn on a 2-acre lot...hilly, fenced in areas, tight it took me about 3 hours between the tractor, push mower and whacking. Thought I was gonna die when it was done. Good news is, 11/1 we are moving to a one-level* house with a .49 acre...
  2. nadzab


    Is it for sewing sails? And if so, do you mean October 1757?
  3. nadzab

    I want a pair of the Bass players boots

    WBBB is a great song and those are no doubt impressive boots, but when it comes to bass players and boots, we must not forget Overend Watts from Mott The Hoople...
  4. nadzab

    He’s Gone

    I was at that show.
  5. nadzab

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    Thought that was Spinal Tap, but regardless, should have been a hit.
  6. nadzab

    Question for the Sparkies Out There

    Some of the smart lights can do that, depends on the brand. A guy I know *ahem* has a bunch of Eufy color-changing lights (no hub) and they have a music mode. Works reasonably well for most Bee Gees selections. Now all he *ahem* needs is a lighted dance floor...
  7. nadzab

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    Destined to be a classic. Just based on the title.
  8. nadzab

    Paul Simon the GOAT?

    NOT JEWEL??? Heresy. ;)
  9. nadzab

    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    It's gorgeous and I bet it rips. Interesting about the pickups, I have an SG Classic with P90s that sounds good, but it's always been in the back of my mind that they were a little lifeless. Maybe I'll give the Duncans a shot.
  10. nadzab

    Vintera 50s Strat string spacing.

    This. Callaham makes an excellent vintage/narrow unit as well, although it’s pricey. You’re not imagining the issue and you don’t need to change the way you play. Some people are fine with wider spacing while others prefer modern narrow spacing - it’s just personal preference. If narrow suits...
  11. nadzab

    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    So frickin' jealous of that TV Yellow Special...
  12. nadzab

    Hello from Paris, France

  13. nadzab

    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    Settle down, chieftain. I'm DISCUSSING my distaste for endless re-hashing of ridiculous topics.
  14. nadzab

    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    No, they're a terrible value. Haven't you heard about the rampant QC issues on MIA Fenders?? This has to be the eight-millionth post on this garbage issue. If you "own both an MiA Strat and an MiM Tele" and "love them both," don't you already have your answer?
  15. nadzab

    Fender Strat QC ? American Original series

    No, it didn't. They don't apply the plastic after the pickguard is cut.
  16. nadzab

    Fender Strat QC ? American Original series

    Have you put in a warranty claim for this nick on the pickup cover yet?
  17. nadzab

    Why no love for ceramics?

    They are and they are fantastic, my favorite humbucker as well. Far from the one-trick pony many assume they are.
  18. nadzab

    Alternative protection besides socks and t-shirts for guitar stand?

    Agree with the sentiment, but if you like Gibsons, poly is not an option. I’m a Gibson guy, and I would have no issue whatsoever if they switched over to poly. As I said in an earlier post, I have a 2016 LP Standard which, at this point at least, has a finish that’s indistinguishable from poly...
  19. nadzab

    Alternative protection besides socks and t-shirts for guitar stand?

    No, it's the rubber or foam reacting with nitro - only nitro. Poly is impervious to the problem.
  20. nadzab

    Sloppy tuners?

    What exactly do you mean by "slop"? Worm gears don't turn backwards from tension.
  21. nadzab

    R,I.P. Olivia Newton John

    Olivia, David McCullough, and TC from Magnum PI's been a rough couple days.
  22. nadzab

    RIP TC

    Great show, great actor - RIP TC.
  23. nadzab

    Alternative protection besides socks and t-shirts for guitar stand?

    It really does seem to be somewhat less of an issue these days - as I recall, the burn happened very quickly on the '95. Again, if I had to guess I'd bet on a combination of better rubber formulation on the stands and more plasticizers in modern nitro. I have a 2016 Standard as well, and if...
  24. nadzab

    Fender Jack Ferrule Not Vintage Correct???

    Yeah that's the other thing, besides Just go to the hardware store and spend $0.45 on proper screws; I'm a little surprised that Wildwood didn't pick up on this and correct it before shipping - they are top notch. I bet they'll send out better screws and possibly even a new jackplate. Raises...