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  1. Anon113084

    How to get that "weezer" sound?

    i dont know how many weezer fans are on here but i figured this would be the place to get an answer as many of us are into effects and different sounds. so i was wondering if anyone knew how to get that super heavy distortion that weezer uses on their first 2 records. its such a heavy over...
  2. Anon113084

    Your first Strat and why

    my first strat was a gift from my father for christmas when i was 18. its a daphne blue american strat. he got it for me cause the ibanez i got for my tenth birthday wasnt cutting it anymore. funny story tho, my mother told him to buy me a blue strat like billie joe from green day because i...
  3. Anon113084

    NAD!!! and what a deal!!!

    Fender Hotrod Deville. Mint condition with extra tubes, manuals and foot switch. $375!!!!!!!! sorry for the poor pic. from my half destroyed blackberry. when i find my camera ill post better. but man what a deal. [/IMG]
  4. Anon113084

    Dating Contemporary Fender amps

    ive searched google for the answer to this question and cant really find a solid answer so thought the strat talkers could help. how do you date say like a 2007 hot rod series amp? serial number? transformers? speakers? help!!!! edit: i was just using 2007 as an example. i still dont know what...
  5. Anon113084

    Todays Goofy Ebay Auction ... What do you think?

    i need to knows where that Zappa neck plate came from.
  6. Anon113084

    Under the age of 21 and love the Strat?

    25 now but i got my first strat when i was 18. 1996 american std daphne blue. i now have 4 of them.
  7. Anon113084

    Which Song Would You Have Played On Your Funeral?

    YouTube - Wu Tang Clan - Aint Nuthing Ta **** Wit & Shame On A N****
  8. Anon113084

    What are you listening to right now?

    also listening to green day right now. paper lanterns to be precise. slightly older tune lol. off their first record.
  9. Anon113084

    How many here are Biolar or suffer from depression?

    anxiety and depression. xanax before bed seems to help even thru the next day.
  10. Anon113084

    possible amp purchase. NEED QUICK INPUT

    nah great condition with all the original manuals and wires and foot switches. just know nothing about these amps.
  11. Anon113084

    possible amp purchase. NEED QUICK INPUT

    marshall avt 100 for 100 bucks. worth it?
  12. Anon113084

    Will somebody buy this for me????

    im guessing that after whatever happened to the item making it no longer available the seller changed the price to this outrageous number. he states he couldnt figure out how to delete it. the high price was probably his way of discouraging bids.
  13. Anon113084

    Word association

    star wars (imperial march)
  14. Anon113084

    Do You Look The Part?

    allroy i feel ya brother. we coulda had a sweet punk band. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  15. Anon113084

    Neck question

    it was done by a dude that paints cars. so beats the piss out of me what he used. looks like lacquer to me tho.
  16. Anon113084

    Neck question

    i have a 1996 american strat that has all the original neck and parts but the neck has been screwed up. ill elaborate, i got the guitar in 2001 and the finish on the neck was very dry, to the point where between some frets it actualy chipped off in small pieces, so i had it re finished, but it...
  17. Anon113084

    Squier tele/strat thing on CL

    hahah yes i realized that the second i bought it. its the first squier ive ever bought. i do have an 89 squier that a friend gave me but never actually bought one. also in reference to the trem, im just not used to something like that. i bought it because i needed something with a humbucker...
  18. Anon113084

    Tried a Vox Night Train and a Blackheart 15

    hell yea lefty im with you. i have one and love the hell out of it. great tone.
  19. Anon113084

    Squier tele/strat thing on CL

    hey guys. just picked up the '51. rad guitar. doing a setup on it tonight ill post pics tomorrow or over the weekend depending on how crazy work gets. one question though. are these all hardtailed with the the screws in the bottom of the bridge? and is it a bad idea to remove those screws to let...
  20. Anon113084

    Squier tele/strat thing on CL

    thanks guys. i emailed him, got a response and hopefully by tomorrow evening ill be the owner of what ive just learned is a Squire '51. ill post pics tomorrow night if everything goes according to plan.
  21. Anon113084

    Squier tele/strat thing on CL

    hey guys. just saw this on CL. dude wants 60 bucks. i think it looks pretty cool. though i have never seen one like this. is it common? any info would be appreciated. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  22. Anon113084

    Whats the one bit of gear you wish you hadn't sold ..........?

    gunna sound ridiculous but it was a crate half stack. the excalibur gx 2200. not a great sound for a strat but one of the best solid state distortions ive ever had
  23. Anon113084

    What do we have here???

    Fender Stratocaster - eBay (item 220633485543 end time Jul-11-10 15:21:06 PDT) anyone? what the hell is this thing cause it doesnt look right at all to me.
  24. Anon113084

    world's smallest guitar...

    i wonder if those are stock pups or after market.....probably 57/62s....
  25. Anon113084

    Orianthi Panagaris

    thats just priceless. possibly my favorite thing ive ever read on here.