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  1. JJ119

    NGD - Squier Bullet Mustang

    HNGD!! Nice Blue Color!! Is that a Rosewood neck?
  2. JJ119

    Upgrade the Wolfgang day.

    I've seen videos of FU - Tone equipped guitars. I have not seen a dissatisfied user. It's good to know that you are happy with the Block & accessories on that Floyd Rose. Play on, @revtime , Play On!!
  3. JJ119

    Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore cover

    I just saw this. That was a great sound, and you nailed it! Wish I had seen it sooner! I have fairly recently Re - Discovered Gary Moore
  4. JJ119

    Last day of my 50s

    !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! @Lonn Have a GREAT Trip!!
  5. JJ119

    New Charvel Day

    WoW! That's a Beauty!!
  6. JJ119

    1971 Olympic White with black undercoat - original finish or re-finished?

    Thank You for the informative and educational reply!
  7. JJ119

    Hold The Line Solo/Mike Lull SX

  8. JJ119

    Alternative protection besides socks and t-shirts for guitar stand?

    Maybe get a car wash shami and make some covers?
  9. JJ119

    1971 Olympic White with black undercoat - original finish or re-finished?

    Somewhat interesting Topic. I don't know anything about Fender Factory ReFinish and such. My complete ignorance leads me to 2 questions for anyone who reads this post. 1 ) Would a Dealer have done it at some point, because White was more desirable? 2 ) IF it is the same as // or is Fender...
  10. JJ119

    Jackson Adrian Smith strat

    Were you able to play it or get a hands on look? The pic looks like it doesn't have any a abuse.
  11. JJ119

    Jackson Adrian Smith strat

    The suspense is killing me!! Did you snag it??!!??
  12. JJ119

    NGD American Performer 😁

    Man, she's Sexy!! Congratulations!! HNGD!!
  13. JJ119

    Fiesta red for the win!!

    Very Nice!! I Love that color with that Dark Rosewood fretboard! Congratulations!!
  14. JJ119

    A sow's ear.

    She turned out Beautiful!! Congratulations!!
  15. JJ119

    The original Gang .

    What a Great tune! Thanks for sharing @Stratafied
  16. JJ119

    Metallica or Iron Maiden?

    Maiden has had a couple vocalists. DiAno Blaze Dickinson. Their styles and voice ranges are evident. So, if you don't like Dickinson, see if you like either of the other 2. Still great metal, and good songs! Mcbrain is also a 2nd Drummer. I don't remember the other guy's name. Either of the...
  17. JJ119

    Ibanez Appreciation Society

  18. JJ119

    Coulda Done Without The Detached Tendon....

    Here's to Full & Speedy Recovery!! Take Care Brother @Chont !! Prayer Said!!
  19. JJ119

    Your favorite singer/ voice?

    No particular order David Lee Roth Dio Geoff Tate Tom Keifer Rob Halford
  20. JJ119

    Playing around with Chorus effect

    @Brian H Is about the ONLY musician that can say he's "Playing with " controls to something and not only NAIL IT but sound so ABSOFREAKINLUTELY FANTASTIC doing it!! Sounds AWSOME, Brian!!
  21. JJ119

    add a question

    Uranus -- The place for UrEnema??
  22. JJ119


    Welcome to Strat Talk. It's good to have you here.
  23. JJ119

    Happy birthday, Dadocaster!

    :thumb: HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY DADO
  24. JJ119

    What's that Cwazy Wabbit up to now?

    Well Heckit!! It even came with Infinitely AdjustableTrussrods!! :thumb::thumb::whistling::thumbd: