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    Noiseless Pickups, Thoughts?

    Lace sensors and DG EMG's have sounded great in strats I have owned and played. Currently loving Fralin humless P90s in an SG.
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    Cracked finish. Minor?

    Nice autopsy Quincy -- for real!
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    7.25 radius Appreciation Thread

    I have 7.25 that I love and just feels like home. But I also have much larger that I can easily adapt to.
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    Pots Working in Reverse and all three working as a volume control

    Now that is very helpful!! Thanks very much.
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    Pots Working in Reverse and all three working as a volume control

    Thanks very much! That sounds like something I may be able to try and fix as opposed to a trip to the repair shop.
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    Pots Working in Reverse and all three working as a volume control

    All of a sudden I noticed that all my pots now are only controlling my volume and I need to turn them backwards to add the volume. Anyone ever run into this problem? Is it an easy fix?
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    PRS Silver Sky - Opinions?

    I have tried and liked the Silver Sky, but I much prefer my PRS 305. It provides more of the organic PRS experience (including silky effortless playability) assisted by the neck-through-body, the feel is different than any other strat type guitar. It feels as though it is an extension of me...
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    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    I believe a start with Lace Sensors can cover just about anything. What a beaut!
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    Thinking of getting a Strat - now what?

    I prefer my PRS 305 over any fender strat I have played (and I played two custom shops and other $$$ fenders). It cures my strat itch. Also prefer it ocer the DC-3 or Silver Sky. The 305 feels more organic to me with it's neck through body construction and the pickups are incredibly...
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    Thinking pretty hard about a Jeff Beck strat

    That's just what I was thinking: Get a strat plus - nothing like old wood and a guitar that has aged naturally.
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    On the fence...

    If it's the price keep looking -- a number of lesser know pickups can compete -- for example Dawgtowns
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    What strings do you use?

    NYXL have great tone
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    Anyone else in the tinnitus club?

    Yup. It sucks. Don;t know why some people feel as though they have to play so loud. IMHO dynamics is much more interesting to listen to then people just playing as loud as they can.
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    What are some of your favorite acoustic songs?

    Some voices resonate in your ears. Tyler has a voice that resonates in my ears, heart, & soul.
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    Country Music

    After a lifetime of disliking country, Chris Stapelton (and Spotify), opned up my world. Now I listening to country daily and learning multiple songs by my favorites: Chris Stapelton and Jamey Johnson.
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    'tis the night before surgery

    Best wishes. We are all pulling for you.
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    Gibson Les Paul makeover

    Wow. Looking great. I might have tried this on an Epiphone first and as a test, but that may have been "no guts no glory" result.
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    Heavier gauges and wrist problems - Is there a strong correlation?

    Any concern that the strings do not provide enough tension and the neck will bend as a result? (I was once warned about that when I talked to somebody about going light on an acoustic).
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    Heavier gauges and wrist problems - Is there a strong correlation?

    I'm not a farmer, but when I weed all day it seems to help my wrists and my plaing immensley.
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    I want to play my Les Paul

    Dimarzio PAFs are amazing, but everything form electronics to set-up to amp can have an impact
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    Paul Reed Smith Guitars are great ......

    Glad the option of PRS exists. I have stayed away from the high cost of their aestethics and have accumulated a Mira X (in a ghastly halloween orange, hard on the eyes but real easy on the ears and the back - probably less than 5 pounds), a core Mira stained cherry/Mahagony which is > than SG...
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    Finished my first Partscaster

    She's a beaut!
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    Why didn’t the LSR roller nut stick around?

    Love it! I did my strat-plus with the wilkinson and loved the LSR in my American Deluze before selling it because it was such a heavy strat.
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    what will make the guitar easy on the fingers??

    Try some antiinflamatories and some Delta 8,9 or 10 along with an ice cold beer.
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    What’s your favorite HUMBUCKER?

    Rabbit hole indeed. In over 30 years of playing I have a rather large sample size to draw from. Obviously this is a question of personal preference for an answer that is impacted by so many other factors from set-up to other gear/hardware, to player's hands and soul. But I'm in your camp. I...