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  1. Neil.C

    Cookie cutter Custom shop relics?

    The road worn models are of course all done to a template but a bit different to a "custom" shop model, certainly in price.
  2. Neil.C

    Cookie cutter Custom shop relics?

    In the past there was quite a long discussion on a British forum I post on about "cookie cutter" relics from the Fender Custom shop. Supposedly custom but in fact, as pointed out by one of our members the custom shop seem to be working to templates/stencils so these "one off" custom creations...
  3. Neil.C

    Let's See/Hear those epic garage sale finds!

    The trouble nowadays is that everyone has access to the net and can find the value of stuff quickly. I mainly collect old wristwatches and in the past I had some really good finds although all of that has pretty much dried up now.
  4. Neil.C

    Let's See/Hear those epic garage sale finds!

    I found this Peavey Bravo 112 valve amp in very good working condition for £10 at a boot sale. The clean volume knob was sheared off but easily controlled from the guitar.
  5. Neil.C

    Best smash your face in live Rock album?

    Probably Live at Leeds (already mentioned) but this is my runner up.
  6. Neil.C

    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    Usually mow my lawn once or twice weekly but with the ridiculous record temperatures and drought conditions I can't remember the last time I mowed it. It's just yellow now. :confused:
  7. Neil.C

    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    Wise words. People moaning about Fender MIA pricing nowadays should be glad they weren't buying in the 1950's/'60's. In real terms todays pricing is far cheaper.
  8. Neil.C

    1971 Olympic White with black undercoat - original finish or re-finished?

    It was only really in the late '50's when everybody wanted a fiesta red like Hanks. The US trade ban had just been lifted so Fenders although rare were coming into the country and the UK importers at the time were getting some Strats refinished in any form of red really, usually in back...
  9. Neil.C

    Update on my YouTube channel

    Oh, I wondered who the youngsters were, they certainly appeared to be pro models. Thought they might be relations Simon. So you find free footage and make up a screenplay? Impressive.
  10. Neil.C

    Checking out another guitar today [Edit] NGD!

    That's nice. The Classic series are always very good. HNGD.
  11. Neil.C

    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    In the old days you could only buy a "standard" Strat from Fender and people only bought and owned one guitar. This situation carried on up until at least the 1970's and Fender didn't go out of business. ;) In recent times people are now buying multiple guitars, selling and trading all of the...
  12. Neil.C

    PSA - be warned my English cousins

    I don't know about the USA but over here a pub landlord has the right to refuse to serve anyone and not give a reason.
  13. Neil.C

    All Along the Watchtower

    Bob talking of Jimi... “He had such talent, he could find things inside a song and vigorously develop them. He found things that other people wouldn’t think of finding in there. He probably improved upon it by the spaces he was using. I took license with the song from his version, actually, and...
  14. Neil.C

    All Along the Watchtower

    Neil Young can do no wrong in my eyes and his is a fantastic version. Of course Dylan is the originator. However when I think about "Watchtower" this is what always comes to my mind.
  15. Neil.C

    A series of colored pencil drawings

    TBH I don't think any of the John Lennons actually look like him and the Marilyn Monroes are pretty gruesome too. Nothing will ever beat human interaction in art.
  16. Neil.C

    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    Not a fan of the double cut carved body models but I really like the DC Specials, preferably in TV yellow (proper TV not custard).
  17. Neil.C

    Are Fender USA Guitars good value for $$

    I'd stop watching youtube videos personally or you'll never be happy.
  18. Neil.C

    Color me done

    Very nice work Bob. We've just had our kitchen replaced but I wasn't silly enough to attempt it myself. :oops:
  19. Neil.C

    Why am I renewing my preferences at least every week?

    Just get that large box of tin foil on order. ;)
  20. Neil.C

    Why does being more popular than someone else matter?

    Boys or girls have a much easier and pleasant time at school if they are popular.
  21. Neil.C

    R,I.P. Olivia Newton John

    Very sad. She fought all she could. RIP.
  22. Neil.C

    Why am I renewing my preferences at least every week?

    That sounds like it Stu.
  23. Neil.C


    No charms or amulets etc for me. Not superstitious at all.
  24. Neil.C

    Anyone leave their Stratocaster tuned half step down?

    Did it for a while for Hendrix stuff but no longer bother, just normal tuning for me now.
  25. Neil.C

    Why am I renewing my preferences at least every week?

    It must be incredibly tiresome. I never see any of that stuff or ads either. Just install AdBlock Stu. That said - I never log out.