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  1. kdines

    Stratocaster Robert Cray anyone?

    Interesting that his MIM signature is a 9.5 inch radius while his custom shop signatures are 12 inch.
  2. kdines

    Is your strat the easiest guitar you own for barre chords ?

    This is also my experience - maybe it’s my poor technique but I definitely find 7.25 and 9.5s noticeably easier for barre chords. In contrast, it’s more of a conscious effort on 12 inch boards.
  3. kdines

    Recommendations for San Diego amp doctor

    Thanks for your comments. Update - I fixed it with a new matches pair of EL84 tubes.
  4. kdines

    The Plectrum Thread

    I use these all the time and even to my caveman ear, they have a warmer tone with much less trebly string attack noise that I dislike. I wish they made them just like this, from this material but in slightly thinner versions.
  5. kdines

    Recommendations for San Diego amp doctor

    Hello All - my Morgan MVP23 combo has been acting up for a while but is now really bad. Goes from loud to quiet to loud and so on and if it’s not doing that, there is a loud rustling interference sort of sound. Anyway - it definitely needs some expert attention - can anybody recommend a good...
  6. kdines

    Hendrix' Monterey Strat

    There also appeared to be forearm wear more in line with what you’d expect from a right handed player.
  7. kdines

    Stratocaster Robert Cray anyone?

    My brother and I got one for our Dad as a surprise for his 79th. I live in San Diego so ordered one from Willcutt and flew over to England with it. I had it for a month or so before the trip and was very, very impressed with it. It’s a good neck size for me but certainly not what I would call...
  8. kdines

    What’s with the Custom Shop Strat Prices?

    There are many ways of looking at this. While $4K is undoubtedly a non-trivial sum of money and unjustifiable to many, I will likely order a CS Strat one of these days and it will be when I feel like I have reached a milestone, like a significant promotion at work. To me and given the years of...
  9. kdines

    My first Stratocaster guitar hero ...

    I’m not sure about being a hero but Rick Springfield was probably the first person I readily associate a Strat with - not nearly the same access to imagery and such in early 80s Scotland! Since then, Clapton, Gilmour and Hendrix.
  10. kdines

    Dark Night Strat with mint green pickguard knobs etc

    Mint green is so often the answer and looks great on your new guitar. Congratulations!
  11. kdines

    Anyone ever experience a failure like this?

    Haha - I resemble that comment! Good one. Nothing like British sarcasm!
  12. kdines

    NGD custom shop content

    Ooh - yes, that is very nice and also different. I notice it has a headstock truss rod adjuster which I haven’t see too often on a CS. Congrats!!
  13. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    I’m really appreciative of everybody’s posts and suggestions. Definitely looking forward to trying my brother’s Bassbreaker 15 late next week - assuming I am successful in my daring mission to travel to the UK.
  14. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    Good questions and I should have been more specific. I prefer head and cab (as I can keep the head by me for aimless fiddling) and I’m good for pedals (hahaha.....although there can always be room for one more!). I’m a Strat player 99% of the time. Used is always an option. Thanks!
  15. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    Oooh - good idea. I’m actually going home soon to see my folks (first time in 18 months...) and my brother will also be down. He’s a far better player than I but he’s going to bring his Bassbreaker 15 down with him! Good opportunity to really try it out.
  16. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    Hi - thanks for your message. I’d probably be OK with up to $2K for something that checked the boxes!
  17. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    Yeah - I thought this might be the case but thought the twin speakers would possibly help. I’m sure it can sound ‘warmer’ but perhaps with more extreme settings of the tone controls.
  18. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    Many thanks for the suggestion - some brief Internet research definitely supports your assertion!
  19. kdines

    Suggestions for Amps with a Naturally ‘Darker Tone’, please

    Dear All - I am just not a fan of treble in general or the ‘sharpness’ you can sometimes get at the ‘front of the note’. I hope that makes sense! I have a Morgan MVP23 which I really like as the attack is very smooth but it lacks the strong bottom end of my Victory Sheriff and matching cabinet...
  20. kdines

    Opinions on 1960 Slab Board

    Looks like an absolute beauty. Would love to hear how it sounds. As a fan of position 2 and 4, would you add a 5 way switch!?
  21. kdines

    Is “tune once and done” a myth?

    Changes in temperature are guaranteed to shift the tuning. I always give it a quick check before playing each evening - part of the ritual.
  22. kdines

    NPD (forgive me forum for I have sinned) UPDATED

    ...looks like I now know what my first internet research project is this evening!
  23. kdines

    Medium vs. Hard pick... Way bigger difference in tone than I thought.

    I use the red Eric Johnson Jazz III picks and really like them. Everything else feels too big and I was very surprised that when I tried other picks of the same size but different material, that my red ones most definitely sounded warmer with less treble (perfect for my preferences). I also like...
  24. kdines

    Done...I ordered a Tone master...

    Thank you very much for your reply - really helpful! I have other amps if I want break up from the amp and can always use pedals. Your comment about the two speakers sounding fuller kinda confirmed what I was thinking......also, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that it’s ‘more amp with an extra...
  25. kdines

    Done...I ordered a Tone master...

    I’d be very interested to hear more about how the Tonemaster compare (Deluxe Reverb vs Twin). I like a lot of bottom end (and much less trebliness) so while the Twin is probably overkill for my home playing, feel that the Twin may have a ‘fuller’ sound with a strong bottom end. I wish I could...