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  1. Antman

    Tab help

    Can anyone tab out what's being played at the 5.04 minute mark?
  2. Antman

    Help with chords

    Hey...anyone able to tab out what Billy is playing here?. His large hands don't make it easy to see what he's playing.
  3. Antman

    Stupid injuries

    Was on a roll with my playing..staying up late etc Had a plan to play for hours over the coming days but..... I had to go and place my middle finger tip on the hot iron ...hopefully it'll be ok in a day. Anyone else done something so stupid before playing?
  4. Antman

    Beginner/intermediate Strat choice

    I have a vintage modified 70s squier and it plays as nice as any Fender I own.
  5. Antman

    Help with chords for this song

    Cheers...yeah i made out most of the initial run...and chorus....
  6. Antman

    Help with chords for this song

    Hi guys I can't find many tabs for this version...anyone able to tab out the chords Billy is using here?. I think I can make a few out?. Billy usually detunes his guitars. Any help us appreciated.
  7. Antman

    First acoustic suggestions

    I have (and recommend) a Taylor Academy 12e. I mainly play electrics but wanted a decent..yet not too expensive acoustic to play on. The sound and easy of the set up out the box was also comes in a lovely padded gig bag too. My 1st acoustic was a Cort. Lovely guitar..set up well and...
  8. Antman

    New song

    New song idea I've been working on. Using my trusty old Fenix strat (my 1st guitar I've kept since i was around 16 yrs old). Using a Line6 Helix ...recorded with my mobile. I think this shows the potential for us home players that there's a wealth of decent sounds available these days with the...
  9. Antman

    Sounds from my Fenix strat (and Helix)

    Just a quick video of my Fenix strat. Playing through a new ambient patch I'm making on my Helix. This guitar is about 30 yrs old now and still my favourite.
  10. Antman

    What Pick Are You Using?

    Same here! I've used green pick for ages but now like the yellow ones.
  11. Antman

    Head shaving.

    I use a double edge razor. You get a few cuts to start with but quickly get used to it. There are a lot of different brands of blade...all trial and error as everyone's skin reacts differently. Using shaving soap and a brush also makes for a more comfortable shave. Using a mirror and also a hand...
  12. Antman

    My 27 yr old Fenix strat

    I still love my first guitar, now about 27 years's a Fenix strat ( by Young Chang). It sounds and plays great. Comparable to a Classic vibe. It also screams Smashing Pumpkins songs all day. Anyone else own a Fenix strat?
  13. Antman

    How much did your practice time change after kids?

    Hi. I can relate to this situation. I have 2 young kids. I used to be able to practice anytime etc...but now ( and since each was born) i practice pretty much at night. Mostly with an electric unplugged...but also i bought a Helix and use headphones. I'm a bit of an owl and often stay up to...
  14. Antman

    Who still has their first guitar? (I do...Lotus)

    I still have, and use my 1st guitar. A Fenix strat. It sounds great and feels as good as a classic vibe. I have a few Fenders now but always go back to this guitar. Its now about 26 years old.
  15. Antman

    Just discovered this band

    Just stumbled across this great band. Amazing strat action!. Great bunch of musicians
  16. Antman

    The Edge

    I admire the virtuosos playing ability but i think having that amount of theory applied to playing seems to box them in creatively. I just can't get into playing that has no rhythm or feeling behind it. It's often simple playing and experimenting sonically that i find more interesting.
  17. Antman

    NPD...Helix Stomp!

    I use the big helix floor unit. Amazing piece of kit. I used to use a hd500x and thought that was good. I'm a home player so the helix can give me 100s of amp/cab and pedal options i could never have had. Multi effects have come a long way.
  18. Antman

    I want an acoustic!

    I tried a bunch out...Martins...etc but went with Taylor academy 12e. Sounded great...nicely set up and comes with a thick case type gig bag
  19. Antman

    Bands that are Huge in the UK, but unheard of in the USA?

    The Editors are amazing too!
  20. Antman

    The Edge

    Whatever your stance is on U2s The Edge ( he happens to he a hero of mine) his dedication to sonics is amazing. A long video but lots of info here. I don't shred myself (but appreciate the skill). I just wish all Edge haters wouldn't judge on speed and virtuoso. So called simple playing requires...
  21. Antman

    Billy Corgan Gish stolen strat video

    I'm a huge Billy/pumpkins fan. Always appreciate his style and vision. Great player and total badass on guitar. Very under rated. Ive seen them when they come here to London a few times...always great live.
  22. Antman

    Upcoming NGD 70s Vintage Modified Strat

    I've had one for a while. Great guitar...pickups are quite hot...nothing crazy but hotter than regular single coils. Guitar is well made..neck is slim and feels great.
  23. Antman

    New tune

    Here's a new tune I've been working on....recorded on my mobile so sound not 100% accurate. Been tweaking my Line6 Helix. Any comments or thoughts welcome
  24. Antman

    Great player

    I've seen loads of videos of this guy playing...totally inspiring and very unique. This is great....