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  1. garyhoos1

    How to love my Strat again..?

    FFS Strats are killer, long scale or short. My Old LP is cool.
  2. garyhoos1

    What Kind Are You?

    Melody Maker, the student thingy love mine.
  3. garyhoos1

    Kirk Douglas

    I'm Spartacus !
  4. garyhoos1

    Is this one original?

    looks about right to me, a few pics of my 79 partscaster I can’t call it original I have changed everything apart from the body pups and bridge but all replaced parts are original 79 I bought loads of bits in the late 90s before prices got out of hand, it’s about to get painted again
  5. garyhoos1

    Just finished a DIY Jazzmaster build.

    wow, fantastic work.
  6. garyhoos1

    Suggestions for a good flanger?

    This post had me rooting around in boxes I knew I still had it and it still works lol
  7. garyhoos1

    NGD American Vintage ‘54 strat (60th anniversary)

    I nearly bought one back in 14 wish I did, I still have my 50th anni. lovely looking guitar.
  8. garyhoos1

    Favorite Pickup?

    I still like the Bare Knuckle blackguard 50s in my tele, hard to believe I’ve had them 9 years.
  9. garyhoos1

    If Only.

    One of them died and gone to heaven moments.
  10. garyhoos1

    I need more Strats

    powerful dog the Chesapeake retriever, I read a book by James A Mitchener, Chesapeake, the geese I remember stood out also the natives explanation of moving on. How do you deal with stink of your dog.
  11. garyhoos1

    I need more Strats

    I have a big willy, sometimes it sings.
  12. garyhoos1

    George Harrison Rocky Stratocaster

    Wow that board looks more like ebony a little too dark to the original rosewood but lovely work.
  13. garyhoos1

    Old Pic of Buddy.

    Wow, spooky, thanks for the link.
  14. garyhoos1

    Old Pic of Buddy.

    Buddy Holly in London 1958, I think the Trocadour club ?
  15. garyhoos1

    Does this CS Strat look legit?

    Without going through all the links, I find myself thinking it’s a horrid colour and would not delve any further. Good luck.
  16. garyhoos1

    Jimi In London.1970.

    One hell of a kid left his mark on all of us, even untill today and forever more.
  17. garyhoos1

    Jimi In London.1970.

    Thanks for the link.
  18. garyhoos1

    Hawk Deterents?

    I'm lucky to have crows nesting in the park at the back of the garden, they seem to attack everything apart from dumb pigeons, herons take a wide berth too, the last job I was on they where spending an absurd amount of money on stopping birds nesting so construction could continue it never...
  19. garyhoos1

    Jimi In London.1970.

  20. garyhoos1

    When it was fun.

    Ok raging tinnitus, the old days. Good or bad.