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    Oly white +20 years

    I have an SE, it's white as a ghost. No noticeable difference. at least not in the spring cavity.
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    Possibly WAY TOO CLASSY!!!

    Nice job @retrobob, but you put a right hand on a left arm.😄
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    Not that I know of.
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    Last day of my 50s

    Good for you Lonn, you understand my comment probably more than most. I'm glad you are doing well.
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    You bet!
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    Entering the 6th layer of hell today.

    Oh no. I will have to do that soon, not looking forward to it.
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    Last day of my 50s

    Happy birthday, enjoy your trip. Don't sigh, many don't get to see 60. Appreciate every day you get.
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    My wife worked for a gal that had a beautiful 69 Camaro SS. When Volkswagen introduced the new Rabbit in 1983, she traded the Camaro in on one. It still makes me kind of sad.
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    It's got a 1968 327 with a two speed power glide. It came with everything to build a 383, all brand new in boxes, including a new in box 700R4 with torque converter. Even all new ARP nuts and bolts! The transmission alone costs more than I paid for the whole package. The car has been sitting...
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    I am. Totally old school.
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    Getting new fuel tank today

    This is probably of no interest to most of you, but I've seen less relative threads I recently acquired a 1970 Chevelle, buried axle deep. The tags on the plates say 1996 . After doing all of the necessary preparations, it started right up. Hopefully taking a test drive in the coming days...
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    Do we like double cutaway Les Pauls?

    These are great guitars, I had a mid 70's Artist I gave to my son. It was the first guitar he ever played on stage. I would put it up against any Les Paul, although heavy as a mountain.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    My ears ringing.
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    Color me done

    Great job @Bob the builder and @ThreeChordWonder, they look just like TV.
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    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome from Colorado U.S.A.
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    Hello from Paris, France

    Welcome, Nice guitars.
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    Trying to grab this

    Yea, I think I would have passed on that one, at any price, even if he gave it to me. I have enough crap( physical objects. including guitars) cluttering my life. On top of that, I had an original Dan Armstrong back in the day, so..been there, sold that.
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    What makes a good Sunburst?

    I've always liked the three tone bursts, I just have never heard them referred to as Clown Burst. Thanks And yours certainly is a looker!
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    What makes a good Sunburst?

    Pardon my ignorance, but, what is a clown burst.
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    What makes a good Sunburst?

    With the spring cavity right there (most of us don't even use the covers), it is pretty simple to see a solid wood body. I have only seen one plywood body in my time, not a Fender, and it was painted a solid color.
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    Got my Body Picked Out ………I think …..hmmmm

    None of the above, thank you.
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    Maple Fingerboard Imperfections - No Big Deal?

    Welcome, don't sweat the small stuff.
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    NGD - American Series - I changed my mind.

    HNGD that looks fantastic!
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    Chuck Berry sucks

    He's not old, he's dead.