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  1. Miotch

    Tell me about Fat necks

    I won a brand new AllParts neck on an auction, but didn't know what its profile was when I won it. I was disappointed when I got it and it was one of their "Fat Chunky" necks, because I have smallish hands and always bought guitars with thin necks. Boy was I wrong. I actually prefer that fat...
  2. Miotch

    EX Devices pedalboards?

    2.5, 7.3; whatever it takes.
  3. Miotch

    Entering the 6th layer of hell today.

    6th level ?? Yours must be better than ours.
  4. Miotch

    Getting new fuel tank today

    Keep the original engine and powerglide. Will sure increase the value if it's ever time to sell.
  5. Miotch

    Getting new fuel tank today

    One of my all-time faves !! Which reminds me I had a '71 cutlass (fastback, similar to the Chevelle) and it didn't have a gas cap when I bought it because some dufus had mangled the opening so one wouldn't fit. So I stuck a rag in it. And, shock, I had constant carburetor problems due to crap...
  6. Miotch

    I'm planning on getting myself a new amp for Christmas

    I, on the other hand, prefer the Mesa out that bunch simply because there are so many great sounds you can get from it. You just can't pretend the volume on one channel should be where the volume on the other channel is because you think they should reflect the rough same experienced volume...
  7. Miotch

    AMP output question

    I don’t think a 12AY7 or an attenuator is going to help. Your amp is a solid state Marshall. I had one for a while and was always able to get a sound I liked at any volume, but can’t remember any settings. Don’t be afraid to play with the knobs and don’t be afraid of any of them being at 9, 1...
  8. Miotch

    improv invite #48 piano power ballad. let your long hair down. be sincere. buy a lambo with the sales earnings.

    Thank You !! Didn't record it, but just jammed with it a few times (really loudly) and realized I have forgotten how much fun music can be when I just relax and let my fingers take me places. I purged about a year of mental baggage in four minutes. For all those that posted their recordings...
  9. Miotch

    Cable tip broke in input of amp...

    Show us a pic of where it broke. I love a challenge !!
  10. Miotch

    Shellac as headstock finish coat over decal?

    Never tried shellac on a guitar. when I've applied a decal on a headstock, I just remove the tuners, mask off the sides of the headstock and the fingerboard and give it 3-5 very light coats of spray can lacquer. Always worked like a charm. I read on a post here that the way I do it can lead...
  11. Miotch

    Hello Kitty = Big Bucks Price Tag :/

    I went looking for a pink one about a year ago to modify into a high-gain player. After looking for a few weeks, I gave up because no way am I paying those prices. So then, I went looking for a good Hello Kitty pickguard to build one and also soon gave up.
  12. Miotch

    It's good I mostly play originals

    Plan you set list beforehand. I taped a thin strip with the songs and the key of each to my mic stand. On individual songs, listen listen and listen. Sometimes a drum beat or two Will clue you to a change. I would learn a song, then play it and learn the next. Then play those two and learn the...
  13. Miotch

    Is this a genuine Fender neck?

    If the nut slots need to be dressed lower for your taste, you might be able to use it. But as mentioned, if it is cut right, the bevel of the slots will initially have the string breaking on the edge closest to the headstock rather than the fretboard if you flip it.
  14. Miotch

    Amp cutting out

    I suspect @Afishman9 is on the right path. The problem seems in the pedal chain if it did it on two different amps. Did you unplug or turn off the pedal supply when you turned off the amps for a few minutes?? Were the amp and the pedal power supply on the same circuit breaker/fuse in the house??
  15. Miotch

    Not shipping guitars for a while

    That sounds like a crap-ton of money. Out of curiosity, what did it cost to ship a guitar a couple of years ago ?? I've never shipped nor bought a guitar online. I bought an expensive amp online, but the shipping was free for that one (the month before I ever heard of COVID).
  16. Miotch

    Tradition G12 Deluxe followed me home

    If only it was a "delete" button, I'd be in line to get one !! Really nice-looking guitar. And I'm not a sunburst fan, either.
  17. Miotch

    Todd Rundgren in the Studio - A Wizard A True Star

    Also an underrated guitar player, in my opinion. Just picked up a guitar and threw down the stuff on Bat out of Hell. "One of the most mind-blowing moments in my life," Meat Loaf, said, "was watching Todd Rundgren play the guitar and do it in one take, and one take only. In 15 minutes he...
  18. Miotch

    First time restringing a Bigsby

    I had a Kahler once that used these microscopic metal square blocks to hold the strings. In that case, the execution was much harder than the theory and the looking for the small metal squares in the carpet when you dropped one was the hardest part of all. It wasn't a matter of "if" you drop...
  19. Miotch

    I remain a heretic

    I love plain old phosphor bronze stings. My only complaint is that they tend to lose their brightness rather quickly. But when I string my acoustics, that is what I use. I tried to take the bridge down on one of mine, but then discovered my problem wasn't the bridge, it was the top starting...
  20. Miotch

    NGD EVH Striped

    You need to play it at a gig where it's all slow soul music !! Keep the audience guessing.
  21. Miotch

    First time restringing a Bigsby

    Word. In the Circle of Fame in song and story, "pretty much" is a wasted qualifier !!
  22. Miotch

    Cost vs sales value of a partscaster

    Both of my partscasters have easily identifiable parts, and very good parts. The Fender parts are clearly Fender; the Wilkinson parts are clearly Wilkerson; the Warmoth parts are clearly Warmoth; the Sperzel parts are clearly Sperzel and the DiMarzio parts are clearly DiMarzio. And I would...
  23. Miotch

    Zexcoil Z Core 5 Modern Noiseless single coils for Strat - Reveiw

    I have a Zexcoil Juicy Bucker in the bridge of one my Strats and it is my go-to sound when I need a Strat to sound like a LP. I'd like to try some of their other pickups, so thank for the review. Unfortunately, my time and wallet are too thin for me to try all the things I'd like to.
  24. Miotch

    Thumb-over-neck technique, and i suck at it!

    I'm with Yves and Mouse. I just started doing it when I needed to without ever really thinking about it, and I use the pad of the thumb, just barely over the string. I use it to either fret or mute the low E, as needed. I have small hands and can't do this on my Strat with a big fat neck, but...
  25. Miotch

    ID old(ish) Humbucker

    Looks like an old Ibanez V2, except the ones I've seen had brass bottom with a stamping on them. But a lot of old humbuckers are probably made aesthetically nearly identical.