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    NGD Incoming - Taylor 224CE-K-DLX

    200 series were always made in Mexico. Quality is great, but I don’t care for the narrow nut width in these (personal preference). The Koa models look cool, but for 3-400 more I much prefer my 324ce
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    New Guitar!!!

    Congrats - Waterloo’s are magical little guitars! Definitely on my shortlist for acoustics, had a chance to spend a few minutes with a 14 fret and can’t get it out of my head (though I’d prefer the 12 like yours).
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    fender deluxe roadhouse strat 2016/2019 mapple neck fingerboard

    It’s satin on the fretboard. I had the copper colored one for a bit - excellent guitar but I just didn’t get along with the 12” radius fretboard.
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    PRS Silver Sky - Opinions?

    I have 2 - maple and rosewood fretboard. They are perfect for me in every way. I also have an AmPro 2. It’s good, but I find the Silver Sky is easily worth the additional cost. Note that in 2021 PRS changed the frets at Mayer’s request so they are slightly bigger, but still very much vintage...
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    you are far off, you should pick one up ;)
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    Genuine fender or genuine fender partscasters

    It may be Fender parts, it may even be better than the original, but it’s not a genuine Fender. If it were advertised as such it would end up as a ‘is this fake’ thread here. So I would buy either, as long as the partscaster was priced accordingly and I could test it because who knows who put...
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    Buying physical movies (and music)

    I have a Pro-ject turntable and a nice hifi setup for albums I really like. Otherwise I don’t own a single thing that plays cd’s or dvd/Blu-ray’s anymore. I quite prefer all the streaming options, especially music, but still like my Sunday mornings with a good coffee and Thelonious Monk...
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    Should I pull the trigger? LOL

    In addition to the fact that the Mayer’s had no hole or plug for the truss rod on the headstock, I’m sure there’s a laundry list of things wrong with this. But I’m really glad the strings are in great shape, that’s a bonus…
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    Questions on a '16 AM PRO MN SSD?

    The Sienna sunburst are ash bodies. Because it’s ash and the market is nuts, I’d suspect $1,300ish. There are some on reverb listed at more than original retail so who knows. I’d want to know if the pickups and electronics were changed, or just the pickguard and plastics (as noted above stock...
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    Solid rosewood necks

    Rosewood is an oily wood - you would want to research finishes first as most (nitro, etc.) may not stick. I would leave it unfinished, feels amazing and requires minimal maintenance.
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    AO 60’s vs American Professional?

    The nut is bone on the AmPro (both I and II).
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    Just got a new Professional ii. Is the push-push switch supposed to raise the knob this much?

    Mine seats maybe a hair lower. I also had 6 to choose from at the store and they were all the same. It bugged me at first but I don’t really think about it anymore. I’d rather they put the indented S1 switch they use in the Ultras instead, and on the volume knob, but honestly I don’t use the...
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    NGD - Fender American Ultra Strat

    Congrats! Love my HSS Ultra - took a bit to get the sound dialed in the way I like but now it’s the best Fender I’ve owned out of many (personal preference of course). Makes me also want an Ultra Jazzmaster.
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    Thinking of getting a Strat - now what?

    I had a DC3 which I sold to buy my first Silver Sky. It was a great stablemate to my strats, and is definitely glassy with a great neck pickup. But I always considered it a different alternative to a strat, not necessarily a replacement. The neck is, in typical PRS fashion, exceptional in...
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    Value of a 1973 stray nowadays?

    3-4 years ago I was thinking about a 73 because I wanted one as old as me. They were considerably cheaper at the time and I’m mad at myself for not being more serious about buying one then. For a good one today, it’s just not worth it to me. I’d rather get a CS at that price point.
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    Would you believe Clapton uses Ultra Noiseless pickups?

    I just think Sweetwater hasn’t updated their ad. I’m not sure the Clapton noiseless are even that recent - there may be a set between those and the ultras as well (what was in the Elites maybe?). Personally, I find the Ultra noiseless to be the best Fender noiseless pups I’ve played.
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    What do you do for your frets?

    Gorgomyte cloth is super easy and effective. I use it when frets start looking dirty, or bends don’t feel silky smooth. There’s a cheaper alternative called miracle cloth I believe but my gorgomyte has lasted so long I haven’t had a chance to try it, nor do I feel the need to.
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    Yes or no ?

    I think it looks cool. I know nothing of the game. The price is a hard pass.
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    Solid Rosewood Neck Shape

    I know they sold the AmPro neck in solid rosewood before if that’s what you’re referring to - which is the same carve, same radius and same frets so no difference shape wise, but I do prefer the silky feel of it. I had the AmPro version with that neck for a bit and while I loved the feel, it...
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    Will a CS NOS Strat with nitro finish wear like the vintage ones can?

    Thin skin is more a name adopted by retailers for special orders, on the CS order form it’s ‘flash coat lacquer’.
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    Id this strat please!

    No markings on the neck or pocket, trem cavity looks wrong, there’s only 2 screws in the bridge (!) - I agree with GC for once.
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    .11 string gauge vs .12

    Yes! Double yes!
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    Mod Shop Strat Question

    What pickups did you get? Perhaps that’s how they choose the wiring. Personally I prefer it this way as I have more tonal options in position 4, but everyone has their own preferences. Call/email fender to see if it’s right, if yes it’s an easy enough fix to change it.
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    do i have a nitro finish?

    If you must ask, the point is that the original question was is my Strat nitro, and the answer was no. That has stood up well as an answer for 7+ years and I don’t see the point in off topic dissertations after all this time. If you want to start a new post with your views on nitro finishes I’m...
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    do i have a nitro finish?

    Zombie thread!!