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  1. Wound_Up

    Tell me about Fat necks

    How does unplugged translate to plugged in sound when electric guitar pickups don't use any part of the acoustic sound to produce the electric sound? They literally produce sound by moving a metal string through a magnetic field. That movement causes a disturbance in the field, which induces...
  2. Wound_Up

    Wrapping strings with locking tuners?

    Slippage shouldn't happen without wraps. Tuners are designed with slippage in mind. So much so that they specifically designed them so that the gears WILL NOT slip unless they're damaged or worn. It physically isn't possible unless you're using cheap tuners that don't copy the gear design 99% of...
  3. Wound_Up

    Wrapping strings with locking tuners?

    I do one or 2 wraps so the strings don't break if I decide to tune down to something other than standard tuning. Without wraps, the high e breaks 95% of the time when I try to tune back up. So I use a wrap or two on that tuner and 1 wrap on the rest.
  4. Wound_Up

    Mexican Bullet Strat

    How are those not Strats at all? This looks pretty Stratty to me? Only thing I see that's not Strat is the headstock and the name? Then there's the red "Tele" Bullet I accidentally posted. That other yellow one with the single pickup looks like a Strat, too, though
  5. Wound_Up

    Mexican Bullet Strat

    FYI there is a such thing as a Fender Bullet. They came out around 1981. It was a student model made to replace the Mustang and Music master. Pics below.
  6. Wound_Up

    Let's See/Hear those epic garage sale finds!

    I picked up a Silvertone guitar for around $40 in 2020. It's not a vintage piece, though. It's just a modern S-style built by Samick Music under the Silvertone name since they own Silvertone now. It's still a great guitar, though.
  7. Wound_Up

    Are your pickups too high?

    Too high? Never. Mine sounds the same whether they're 0.5mm under the strings or 10mm under the strings. Only difference is how loud it is.
  8. Wound_Up

    Cookie cutter Custom shop relics?

    And? It's just as difficult on the first as the last. So, what's your point? You think after the first one, they can just do it in a few seconds? Lol. It still take hard work to make it look like that, whether it looks just like another one or not. You ever been a commercial painter/refinisher...
  9. Wound_Up

    Neck to body fit

    Where'd this body come from? Guitar Fetish? What's a "replacement" Strat body? Why is that word in quotations?
  10. Wound_Up

    Wrapping strings with locking tuners?

    Just because you havent personally seen it doesn't mean it's BS. I've read about multiple people who were worried about it or though it got worse with locking tuners. I can't point to a specific example without googling but there are plenty.
  11. Wound_Up

    Artificial “Relic” and “Roadworn” guitars.

    Who cares? Its not your guitar. Why, even, worry about it? LET IT GO.
  12. Wound_Up

    Fender japan?

    That thing is absolutely useless. You can't trust anything it says. It's only a decoder. Not a database. It doesn't know whether you've input a legit serial. All it does is tell you what that format of serial number decodes to. It could be an obviously fake guitar and that crappy site will still...
  13. Wound_Up

    'Randy Rhoads: Reflections of a Guitar Icon' on Amazon Prime Video

    Currently watching this documentary about Randy on Amazon Prime Video. Narrated by Tracii Guns. It's a DAMN GOOD documentary. Anyone that has Prime should watch it. They've got a Pink Floyd documentary on there, also, about the making of one of their albums. It's damn good, also. Anyway. Just...
  14. Wound_Up

    Nice Going, Amazon.

    Today, that's exactly why I can buy guitar stuff. I'm not out spending every extra penny I have on coke. It took me almost 12 yrs but I finally kicked the habit by myself, with no one else's help. Ironically, I found out after I did it that I quit for the exact same reason SRV quit. It just...
  15. Wound_Up

    Bluetooth earbuds?

    Yea I have a set of "studio over-the-ear headphones" that I use when playing quietly. They were fairly inexpensive but I wasnt looking for studio level quality. Just something to use to few times I feel like using them. I ordered the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pros and haven't cancelled...
  16. Wound_Up

    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    That's my dad's favorite movie too! We watch it every year lol Fra-gee-lee! It's French! 🤣 He has a miniature Leg Lamp that goes in the window every Christmas! We have a family friend who has a fullsize Leg Lamp. She puts it up in the window every Christmas, as well. 😁
  17. Wound_Up

    All in favor of mowing the yard...

    I was supposed to mow this week. Too bad that didn't happen. Every morning, I'd wake up to soaking wet grass from rain the night before and it would be too hot to mow by the time it all dried up. So I'd wait until the evening. Nope. It's still 98* at 8pm. No thanks. If I wanted to mow in 100*...
  18. Wound_Up

    Don’t have any tattoos, and don’t want any.

    Crave attention? No one even knows I have a tattoo unless I have shorts on. I don't go around announcing it every time I walk into a room. I normally don't even tell people I have one unless they ask first, which is the only time I've ever even brought it up on here. In threads such as this one...
  19. Wound_Up

    2015 Fender American Ltd Edition - volume bomb button?

    What's this "blower switch" you keep referring to? There's no blower on any, guitar ive ever seen so why would it need a "blower switch"?
  20. Wound_Up

    Is it okay for the neck to have more relief?

    An, extra 0.008" makes almost, no difference in how far you have to push, the string down. Action causes bigger swings in that than, relief does. I'd be more worried about action too high causing that vs adding 0.008" or 0.2mm to the relief
  21. Wound_Up

    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    Same goes for the physical specs of a P90. Only a P90 is a P90. If it's a "humbucker sized P90", it's not a P90. There are specific dimensions that make them up. Being off on even 1 of those critical dimensions means it's no longer a P90. It's just a P90-style single coil. Or a...
  22. Wound_Up

    Randy Bachman Reunited With His Stolen Guitar

    Yep. I tried to tell someone about Bucketheads guitars getting stolen. Their response was "OK? He has plenty of other guitars. What's the big deal? He can just go get one of those." And this was after I already said the guitars had sentimental value and were irreplaceable. I didn't even try to...
  23. Wound_Up

    Bluetooth earbuds?

    Thank you all! After thinking on it for the last few days trying to decide whether I really need and/or want them, and after ordering them twice and canceling both times, I've ordered them AGAIN. Lol! You guys have convinced me that I may actually end up using them more than I expect. These...