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  1. micmurph

    What are your musical goals??

    Similar, too learn as much as I can. Because it may be that the only thing I can take to the other side is what is in my head.
  2. micmurph


    I bought the land Well, I boat the lake Oh, I’ll bury the lake Then, I’ll bury the louse Forget it, I brought the liquor I brought the licks I buried the lead In beats that’s Latin Puke that, is it you or the liquor talking
  3. micmurph


    It’s better to laugh
  4. micmurph


    I’m here to collect because: I bought the loan or else: I’ll break that leg
  5. micmurph


    I’ve been that lucky It’s been turned loose
  6. micmurph


    Is being truthful logical I’ve been truly lazy I’ve been that lowdown
  7. micmurph


    In between the lines
  8. micmurph


    I’ve been taking lessons
  9. micmurph

    It’s not going to be for all. Yet all are welcomed to spew😏

    Looks good, such shiny chrome everywhere. Did you change to solid shaft pots with the set screw knobs?
  10. micmurph

    Songs about partying/living in Mexico/Latin America? List 'em!

    Isn’t it the wrong time of year…
  11. micmurph

    Band name decision

    I love hearing the story about your kids, thanks. Just thinking next time it could be accidental chorus so maybe accidental effect.
  12. micmurph

    Pure Tone jack users? Got a question.

    I noticed no tone difference, but I have a player tele that when I moved or touched the jack I would hear static. I wanted to use an angle cable so the pure Tone Jack look worth a try. I works great the sleeve barrel extends farther from the mounting point so the angle cord doesn’t rub. It...
  13. micmurph

    Said to the Mrs.

    Are you sure she didn’t say; “Why can’t you be Norman?”
  14. micmurph

    Repositioning the 5-way switch

    You could try and un-screw the switch, turn it around and re-mount the switch.
  15. micmurph

    never gonna get there

    Billboard? The rest of it reads: Put Sisyphus in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
  16. micmurph

    Awwww shoot

    Color wire ties, from Home Depot or Amazon etc. They come in at least six colors. If you need more than six use multiple ties. Like red, red+blue etc. They’ll have to be cut off….
  17. micmurph

    I Want to Learn Surf Guitar

    Junior Brown, country surf? With a standup bass.
  18. micmurph

    Who knew?

    You have a beautiful view, would love to see it in full spring color.
  19. micmurph

    Who knew?

    The world turned to black and white?
  20. micmurph

    Phantom order at Sweetwater!

    You should check the email address on the account(s), since you did not appear to get an order confirmation.
  21. micmurph

    Never noticed this until today

    But that strat oh my
  22. micmurph

    A Robin in January

    Very amateur bird watcher, but had the same observation that @Tone Deaf had years ago so I already had an answer. Thought it would be helpful. My sister is the Ornithologist and travels the world to observe birds. Did not expect that people wanted to talk about climate just why robins were...