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  1. dbolt

    How's your weather

    79 clear
  2. dbolt

    took couple days off

  3. dbolt

    This just in....

  4. dbolt

    Fender with or without a humbucker?

    SSS. Probably just more evidence that I am stuck in a place I am unable to leave. Let your ears tell you.
  5. dbolt

    My crew today…

  6. dbolt

    What is Strat-Talk to you?

    The laughs and the learning.
  7. dbolt

    Done with music.

    Haven’t picked up a guitar in six months. No reason.
  8. dbolt

    First new Strat purchase in 31 years!

  9. dbolt

    Mojotone kit any good?

    I built the Tweed Deluxe and found it very complete and easy to follow. Wise choice going elsewhere for a speaker tho.
  10. dbolt


    I love my Kimber Ultra. It’s a dream.
  11. dbolt


    Recoil is stout but manageable. It’s not something you would shoot all day for fun. The mag extension makes a big difference. Here she is with her big sister.
  12. dbolt


    My Glocks are 21 and 36. Same ammo. Never a problem.
  13. dbolt

    Boss Katana amp for Strats? Good or Bad?

    I don’t know. I don’t think I ever will.
  14. dbolt

    Replacement Parts for Strats: What's compatible?

    The nut may need attention as far as a proper set up is concerned, replacing it will result in you not playing that guitar until you learn a new skill.
  15. dbolt

    What set of strings on your STRAT!?

    GHS Boomers. 10s on Eb and 9s on E.
  16. dbolt

    Out of Respect

    Of course
  17. dbolt

    NAD- 5E3 clone!!!

    Love mine. Hard to beat really.
  18. dbolt

    Rick Beato... Discuss

    He’s a smart guy there is no doubt. I can’t do a steady diet tho. Maybe cause I’m not that smart..
  19. dbolt

    Happy Birthday Simon

    Happy birthday wise one.
  20. dbolt

    Defeating Raccoons at the Birdfeeder

    After trying several ways of thwarting them with baffles and what not and not getting anywhere, I set up a game camera. There wasn’t a raccoon there were four. I was never going to win. I take the feeder down every night and put it back up every morning. This works perfectly. Well, until they...
  21. dbolt

    Guitars vs. Amps: your lifetime expenditures ....

    Guitars for the win. When you add quality acoustics to the mix they are the runaway winner