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  1. Robins

    AMP output question

    Put a volume knob into the Fx loop, job done. The master volume has the 'wrong' value in your amp. With my JCM 800 100watter I had the same issue, very low output but at 1 it was ear bleeding, starting to shake the earth like I hit an off on button. Marshall did those funny things depending on...
  2. Robins

    Strat was run over by a car

    Road Kill #1 The good news are it is still kind of alive but maybe it is a Zombie ftom now on. Buff it, fill it and keep rocking it. Don't forget to install a back cam at your car. Get a steel protection case for #1. And always remember, all aboard first - ship ahoi later. Welcome to the forum...
  3. Robins

    RIP TC

    Sad news. R.I.P. What is up with so many people die these days.
  4. Robins

    R.I.P. Olivia Newton-John

    Sad news. R.I.P.
  5. Robins

    Should I name the Bunnyman Floyd?

    Yay, Floyd la Rose. Take care, Robin
  6. Robins

    Tone !

    Play it upside down and you will get there Don't call the Devil he may come, Robin
  7. Robins

    My Mom2

    All my power to you and your family.
  8. Robins

    What would your sig pickup set be called?

    TriTop, it is T-Top but with 3 coils that can be switched to have different sounds. The other one is the Fu××erBucker, proud and loud. Play it loud, Robin
  9. Robins

    Gotta love the mini amps

    I like those small Brüllwürfel. I think it is something like roaring cubes in English. Play it loud, Robin
  10. Robins

    Does this thread need a poll?

    Vote for vote. All the best, Robin
  11. Robins


    Hi and welcome to the forum! Play it loud, Robin
  12. Robins

    Crushed by UPS!

    They found some substances in your package. DOA is on the way. Take care, Robin
  13. Robins

    Parting is such sweet sorrow

    Sell the one(s) you play the least. But if it feels great having one and not playing it, keep it. Any other choice would make you regret the sell. Take care, Robin
  14. Robins

    NGD 2022 Gibson SG Standard

    Congrats! I love my SG Junior. SGs are KILLER guitars. Life is good, Robin
  15. Robins

    Made in Japan Fake or Legit ?

    Great news! Congrats! Life is good, Robin
  16. Robins


    I always thought a coffin what be kind of cool as a work table. I could keep things and tools inside and the special form would make it a great bench to work with. I could even recycle that coffin in some years ahead. It would be for the last tool puttin inside, myself. @s5tuart sorry for not...
  17. Robins

    strange strat!!! i need help to figured out

    It was my wife´s 10th birthday. She was born on 15th June 1966 15.06.1966 The sign of the ... you know. It is RED ! Welcome to the show \m/ Take care, Robin
  18. Robins

    What are you listening to right now?

    My wife yelling at me, again. Not in the normal way but like the Rebell Yell. It may be the sun. What do I know. She is always right. Happy wife, happy life. I take my time off early at around noon and enjoy the lake, the weather and the Alps. It helps looking at all those big rocks and stunning...
  19. Robins

    Buying a guitar: 1984-87 MIJ E series or 2017 Professional Strat

    The Pro would be the way to go but they go for about $1700 new here in Germany. $1200 seems like a better deal for the Pro but you have to like the noiseless pickups. It has some minor dings but it looks pretty good. The MiJ is way over price in my opinion. Welcome to the show, Robin
  20. Robins

    Isn't there a better term than "luthier" to describe modern guitar makers?

    It was always violin and guitarmaker in Italy and almost all across Europe. France is another thing. Luthier is the word they chose in the USA I guess (french people I guess). But I was not there so what do I know. Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati etc. were violin and guitarmakers. That is good...
  21. Robins

    Does it have to match?

    Anyway you want it! I like it in a way, it screams I am a bucker and I am in here to scream. Well, drop in a Floyd and call it a day \m/ Play it loud, Robin
  22. Robins

    My "vacation" was fruitful. NGsD.

    Yeah, great find. Congrats! and double the fun is always great. Now you got a lemon and slash. Fruity days! Life is good, Robin
  23. Robins

    Pictures of my nuts

    No biggie. Take care, Robin
  24. Robins

    R.I.P. Nichelle Nichols

    Sad news R.I.P
  25. Robins

    Not shipping guitars for a while

    Wow, that is robbery. Take care, Robin