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  1. robinr

    Rock and Roll girls!

    My girl friend, Aly and I recorded this tonight. She sings and plays guitar and I played the guitar as well as the bass, and the MM6 Yamaha key board for the drums and sax. We really hope you enjoy of little song. :) SoundClick artist: Aly08 - page with MP3 music downloads
  2. robinr

    Is It Real

    I put this together some time back. Just me on guitar. :) Hope you enjoy it. Don't laugh at the for sale sign on it, I know it's not THAT good but I did this on a dare. lol. Is It Real lo-fi URL: Start Player hi-fi URL: Start Player
  3. robinr

    Horse Play

    Hello everyone. I thought I would share my last song I composed. I played all the music on it, so much fun to do. I'm playing the bass and my Strat and my lame attempt at key's on this. Hope you'll like it. All comments are ofcouse welcome. :) Robin Horse Play lo-fi URL: Start...
  4. robinr


    Hello. My name is Robin and I have been playing guitar for a few years now. I have a MIA std. Strat and a 52 ri Tele.