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  1. Luthier-Atlanta

    Any Jeep owners here?

    I am looking at trading my Hot Rodded Truck for a Jeep wrangler TJ 2001 60th Anniversary Edition. Any one have one or familiar with them? Pro's, Con's....
  2. Luthier-Atlanta

    Your First Guitar

    What was it, pictures, etc. I will start, 1980 Yamaha HE 700 SE and I still have it. All the paper work, etc.
  3. Luthier-Atlanta

    Wiring help please

    This is what I need; 3 single coil pickups, 2 phase switches (1 on/on/on the other on/on), 1 5-way switch, 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 output jack. Thanks.
  4. Luthier-Atlanta

    Ibanez Train (Crazy Train) Wreck Guitars

    SO,,,,,,, anyone heard of, have info on? Let me know what ya got folk's....
  5. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD Welcome to the fold!

    My first Gibson, sort of. 1967 Gibson/Kalamazoo Mustang;
  6. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD on the way.

    Picked this up off of the WWW yesterday afternoon, it had been sitting 90 days at a Music Go Round so I got a nice deal. I have been wanting one of these bruisers for some time but they can get a little pricey on the bay... :) She is going to need a spit shine when it gets here. 1973 Ampeg...
  7. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD Trade and what a deal. So Cal

    2004 Fender So-Cal Speed Shop Red & White MIK, absolute dead mint! Hanging in this guy collection room. I just missed out out on 4 vintage Gibson's. :(
  8. Luthier-Atlanta

    Do you have to be one of these to own one of these NGD

    I now only have 3 more Strats to check off of my immediate list (Lead I, II, III ) before I can settle in and refine the collection some more. Anyways on to the fun part, I go thru CL twice a day looking for deals and about a month ago I came across this little gem. I put it in my favorites...
  9. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD 1986 Roadstar II RG- 410 MIJ

    I don't know if there are any Ibanez fans here but,,, Hit up a yard sale and walked out having spent $50. I got this bad boy and a partscaster which I am parting out.
  10. Luthier-Atlanta

    Any Builders here?

    As in true build's, not assemblages? Here is my latest build, I have always loved the Ovation Breadwinner/Deacon guitars. So I set out to clone one with my own twist to it. If you have a build post it up I would love to see some workmanship from this site.
  11. Luthier-Atlanta

    Pedal people lend me your ears,,, advice

    What's the best looper out there, I don't have one, I want one, I don't want to try a bunch of them.....
  12. Luthier-Atlanta

    The Offset Guitar Club

    I dug around and there didn't seem to be one here? So I was wondering who else may have some offsets laying around they wanted to show off and talk about. So here goes. I will start off with one of my absolute favorite ones, all stock but the knobs (Which I have) I just didn't care for them...
  13. Luthier-Atlanta

    Does this look correct

    Just wondering, looks hmmm not correct to me, could be wrong I have been before.
  14. Luthier-Atlanta

    Is this a good deal for $160

    Thought the tile may draw a few in here to look. No worries I bought it!
  15. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD Badazz

    Well she showed up today, 1973 Univox Badazz U1820. Tore her down completely, cleaned her, did 4 drop fills, ordered a roller bridge, etc......
  16. Luthier-Atlanta

    MIA Strat opinions

    So, I am looking around for another MIA. As individuals we all have our set opinions on things, especially guitars. So, I would like to take a general look at this thread in a few weeks and see what is the more common MIA that comes up. I am willing to look at all years, "stock...
  17. Luthier-Atlanta

    Fender Stratocaster Squier Series

    O.K., most of us know these are hybrids. The info on them is all over the boards, I picked up one today. The neck is correct, the electronics seems to be correct.... but. The body is questionable to me. The neck is set up Floyd locking nut and string bar, but the body is tremolo, not Floyd...
  18. Luthier-Atlanta

    Need some help kiddies!

    So, I have this small dilemma. I have a tuner that is missing the seal on the back. I have another tuner for the task, in fact I have six to attempt this with. So the question at hand is I need to get a seal out without thrashing it so I can get it into the one I need it in. Ideas...
  19. Luthier-Atlanta

    The Pre-70's Club

    Any and all, I have a few in my collection and was just pondering who else may have some. I don't care what brand, label, country of origin, etc. Post'm up!!! My first one is a sweet little thing, 1965 Prestige. My Second one is a 1965 Lyle. My third one and hopefully not my last, I just...
  20. Luthier-Atlanta

    Made a new PG,,,,

    I bought this 1965 Prestige around the first of the year, couldn't find the proper material to make a new PG out of. Those that said they had some,, well it wasn't even close, in fact no closer than what I used! So I ordered a blank from Stew Mac and here it is,, The old PG on the guitar...
  21. Luthier-Atlanta


    Craziness, great score, couldn't pass it up.. It has been played some but in great condition for a real good price! Let me introduce to you, my first MIJ Strat.....
  22. Luthier-Atlanta

    80's Baby

    I will strat this journey with the case mod or should I say resurrection.
  23. Luthier-Atlanta

    Deluxe Powerhouse Help

    Question at hand, The cover for the battery nitch on the back. What is it called, where can I get one in black?
  24. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD Fender Stratocaster MIM Deluxe Powerhouse

    Traded off some Squier Standards (3) for this bad boy. Just ordered some proper tuners for it, but I am wondering what the battery area cover is called? I would like to swap it out to a black one, is there such an item out there? Any help would be great...
  25. Luthier-Atlanta

    NGD Yamaha SBV

    Just picked this rare bad boy up today. One year only re-issue,